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  1. Not sure about NA hours, but EU hours are still active. For pvp you can check their pvpstats website to see how often bgs arenas start. ICC starting soon so maybe population will grow a bit?
  2. You can't remove DAZE with hand of freedom if mob hit you from behind and that's blizzlike. It also works fine in pvp. I've noticed only problems on some npc's spells like that slow from elementals after 1st boss in Halls of Lightning, but for most of them it works fine. they have bugtracker here for such stuff : https://github.com/SunwellTracker/issues/issues
  3. more like braindead. I've just explained this guy that donations and paying for product are two different things, and u tell me "stop acting like you doing some charity for us over here. "? Of course I'm not doing any charity?, I'm just playing here, not paying for it, and I'm thankful i can do that, cuz I have lots of fun. Some ppl instead of complaining literally 24/7 about everything should learn to enjoy things that they have, while they last.
  4. I think that you don't know what the word donation does mean? You weren't forced to do that and probably nobody asked you to do that, you did it out of your free will and it doesn't give you right to demand anything. Or maybe when you buy gifts for your friends, you think that you can demand stuff from them later??
  5. You have your answer here now :
  6. Their both wotlk realms were doing fine for over 1,5year, 3-6 months that you're writing about are far from ~18months. I'm pretty sure Frosthold will be very active and great server until RS is released (maybe even longer cause of their addition of timewalking raids and mythic+ dungeons). Not sure what they want to do with other realms, but i think they've said there would be no transfers to Frosthold. It would be fresh server so transfers after leveling realm firsts would be pretty unfair in the eyes of most players (for me transfers = more players = lower queues and overall better gamep
  7. Dude, this topic is 3 months old... also they've been running well scripted wotlk servers for many years. What do you think takes more time - a) starting another wotlk realm that is already well scripted and doesn't require much work or b) creating whole expansion from a scratch? Also if they had for example 10 devs for wotlk realm it doesn't mean that all 10 would be interested/able to help in creation of mop realm
  8. Yes dude, i'm so jealous of your "bis" 5500 gs characters (in case you didn't get it - i don't care about your characters). It's rather voice of reason (which you clearly lack) - it's stupid to be angry that they are not transferring something (in this case crafting materials??) when they didn't have to transfer anything at all. You need to realise that all your characters will be gone one day and there's no reason to be angry about it.
  9. Yes, they will slap you in the face by trying to get more players so your gameplay can be more comfortable with shorter queues... You have a brain - make use of it before writing such bullshit. Imo they shouldn't transfer any gear - so people would actually play on these characters instead of standing in dalaran with full bis characters and trolling. You don't have to transfer your character if you don't want, you can keep your whole bank of precious materials on feronis. Every private server can be closed at any moment and people running them doesn't owe you anything. Maybe you s
  10. Hellscream's Warsong and Strength of Wrynn buffs can be deactivated by speaking to your faction’s leader at Light’s Hammer, so there will be option to do ICC without these buffs.
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