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  1. @Azathothh Probably he is talking about this bug, which is 100% not fixed and reproducable in every zone on fleeing mobs. I've recorded on video 3 zones: Tanaris, Barrens, Durotar. <-- Click for youtube video. How to reproduce: is to let fleeing fleeing mob to come in 10-15 yards range of another mob (should be same kind of mob, like it can't be humanoid to beast etc). And kill it. How it should work: Fleeing monster should come and hug his friend for at least 2-3 seconds. And only then aggro on you. If you kill mob faster nothing happens! I've posted it on Sunwell Bugtrac
  2. Seeker

    How do people get 1st level 80?

    Check which classes get fast and cheap first mount very fast in my post! You can also go as hunter, they have 30% speed buff, iirc. Still hoping that Sunwell Team gonna give more questing levelers a chance for Realm First by reducing / removing level 20 mount cost. Even if they reduce the cost of riding, still need a good ammount of time put into your leveling path building on x4 to get RF 80 But most of people gonna be most likely RDF-spamming untill 58 then do questing. Just need a good composition of AOE specs in group (ppala, mage, wlock). Best heal would be Shaman i guess,
  3. Thank you @Amarathfor really reasonable thoughts from you! Dungeon leveling 1-58 is faster on most of fresh servers. However i know couple speedleveling machines from classic & wotlk community who could compete. They have built routes that don't require a lot of moving. And with all those new perks from Sunwell Team, like x2 profs rates, spell-learning companion, they really have a chance to be faster than RDF-spammers. I think majority of people would really appreciate removed riding cost of the first mount. However getting level 40 mount is still a real challenge, like on Cla
  4. I want to get good experience, which blizzard has provided with 1x rates. We can still get that experience if Devs adjust cost prices / drop rates accurately. I had more than 20 fresh launches, including Angrathar, Frosthold, Nightbane. And more than half of them were complete mess. This time i believe Sunwell can do a good launch. With 2x prof rates (thank you), 50% spell cost reduction. The main important thing in my opinion: to not force people to spam dungeons. Why? So people don't have to always have a mage in dungeon group, so they can save food money. So people
  5. Can you please consider removing 150 skill (60%) riding cost, which is 3.60-4g (depending on reputation with your race faction) ? + you need to farm 90s-1g for actual mount. I just don't see how u get enough gold for it, even with 50% spell reduction cost untill level 33-35 ish, unless you spam dungeons. I think it will be a good perk for people who want to level on quests, not spamming dungeons!
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