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  1. Scratch that. We're looking only for ELE Shaman now. So if U got free time on wednesday and sunday evenings, or whatever it is in Your time zone, and if You're capable of making some decent DPS (~10k on static bosses would be gr8) - we're waiting for You!
  2. Still up and running. Current progress - Icc 25 HC - 9/12. We're looking for a decent Ele Shaman and Fire Mage. If You're willing to join stable, peaceful crew - /w Mearava or Redzi in-game. Raiding hours changed a little: raids on wednesday and sunday: 19:30-23:00 server time.
  3. We're looking for a skilled hunter. Raids on wednesday (19-23 ST) and sunday (18-22 ST). /w Mearava in-game
  4. Bump. Our actual progress - ICC 25 12/12 normal. We're looking for Holy Paladin and Resto Druid to do some heroics. If You are one, got time on Wednesday and Sunday evenings (we raid 25 man from 19 ST) and if you're looking for a place to progress ICC in calm, yet focused raiding space - whisper Mearava or Redzi in-game.
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