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  1. Your name - TofikReported player's name - ZiggssDate - 16.11.2020Rule that was broken - 22. Ninjalooting is forbidden on Sunwell. After having enough proof of the misdemeanor, the ninjalooter that stole an item will face two possible forms of punishment. after confirmed ninjaloot on 25-Man version of the highest raid tier, the player will be added to ninjalooter detection , receives 7 days of ban and the stolen item will be removed. The player will be added to the ninjalooter list after the ban is lifted. Description - Hello, We were raiding ICC 25, our story beggins when Gunsh
  2. Lol he isn't gm of the guild, not even officer
  3. Character Name: Toficze Punishment Reason: Ninjalooting Game Master: Asureuz Summary: Hello, Idk why Asureuz ignored my private message about this situation before i get punished. As i said this guy Weedyboi started insulting me for setting raid loot to Group loot. Didn't wanted to report him for being mean to me, so I kinda trolled him at the end rolling those plate pants. Weedeboi shouldnt report me becouse he was not the Guy who won those pants (as you can see in the screenshot he was third in roll after me and DK). I gave those pants to Ishermanl, as the evidence i ask
  4. Your name - toficzeksReported player's name - VizDate - 05.02.2019Rule that was broken - NinjalootingDescription - WFS Dropped, leader took it, and logoutEvidence - There is no Looting screenshot, becouse he was waiting very long with roll, and 9 of us went to second floor so, he was out of range and we didnt see the loot, as the evidance screenshot that lady was empty.
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