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    [Ninjalooting] Ziggss

    Your name - TofikReported player's name - ZiggssDate - 16.11.2020Rule that was broken - 22. Ninjalooting is forbidden on Sunwell. After having enough proof of the misdemeanor, the ninjalooter that stole an item will face two possible forms of punishment. after confirmed ninjaloot on 25-Man version of the highest raid tier, the player will be added to ninjalooter detection , receives 7 days of ban and the stolen item will be removed. The player will be added to the ninjalooter list after the ban is lifted. Description - Hello, We were raiding ICC 25, our story beggins when Gunship Agility Cloak dropped, it goes for roll, and Retri pala win his BIS cloak with roll 100. Sadly after 12 years of wotlk, people don't know biss lists. Ziggss after losing roll, started being rude and toxic, blaming RL for loot distribute. After that some people talk to him, and he chill. we ignore that and keep going with ICC. When we hit the Blood Council, RL forgot to change for ML after trash kill. Items dropped for group loot, Me ( i was RL assist) and RL immediately ask people for pass the loot. We got 2 items but we notice that Crypt Keeper's bracers are missing. Ziggss win it. He said that he dont pass the bracers unless he will get the lost roll cloak from gunship. We wasted about 20 min waiting till he will give us the bracers. After some toxic insults vs me RL and other players he said ,,give me cloak or i will fuck this raid" happy pull BQL and then i kicked him. We didn't get the braclet. Proves Include SS, when he loot the item, My friend whisping him to pass the item, and my whispers, when i said to him that what is he doing in ninjalooting, and he will get ban for it. Despite being aware of his act, puninshment he still did it. He was toxic and rude. I hope for fast punnishment against this player, who made my best friend Holy Paladin Suntzu Sad. Regards
  2. Lol he isn't gm of the guild, not even officer
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