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  1. I'm also curious why the decided to make a max limit for players on server, any1 from administration can do a statement about this?
  2. Cool concept, I wish you good luck
  3. Hello I'd like to suggest to open transfers from Horde to Alliance now. We got 5k players and even more in present pandemic nCoV times. If you want to help our alliance disbalance situation I think now is the perfect time to encourage people to change that. Regards
  4. Can we have that fixed arleady? This is your third WOTLK realm, and issue with that spell still exists.
  5. They could at least make a clear statement about it. Me and my friends are very eager to change factions (horde -> alliance). Please Sunwell staff let us know something
  6. Let me start by saying this: If Administration wont take a serious steps to change that, this server will be nothing more that depopulated ghost realm Feronis once was (before it was shutted down). Alliance domination is beyond Horde on every stage. There is no place for serious competition between two factions. Despite of existing some good players, and their few premade's - there's is nothing more. Some lonely well geared maraduers and that's all. After Administration created "PVP STATS" on main page. I realized (as many people before me) that there is even more diffrence between
  7. Thats really make me sad. Elwyn Forest and Dun Morogh are more cooler than Dalaran Sewers. Seems like only Administration can do something about it, that arena npc would be helpful.
  8. Hello There is just no life in front of main cities. Everyone is just sitting in Dalaran, dueling there, queing on arenas etc. Can some1 explain to me, why on retail people were enjoying their time on other places than Dalaran sewers? Can there something be done to change that? Am asking both Players and Administration. look how many people been there:
  9. Character name : Gloominess 7. Spamming, swearing racism is prohibited. Be civil. 6 hours of mute in the case of spam with Dirge, Thunderfury, racism, swearing - in the first case in one day. Maximum of 7 days mute or temporal ban from the channel (in some situations even a permanent one) - in the case of repeating misbehaviors in the next few hours or few days of the first punishment. The punishment is adjusted by the Game Master resolving the case. I dont know who banned me. Summary: Today I joined in conversation on Global chat wich went around some trolling-raci
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