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  1. Pevi

    Situation repeating itself

    Twinking still live on this server?As i see win rate worse than on warmane. Last post was made 1 year ago so i guess this server dead for twinks.
  2. Pevi

    Twinking 79

    Most are on warmane why any1 lvling on a server what wont be long enought?:D Was enought do once.Atleast me and many dont waste time here for nothing
  3. Pevi

    Twinking 79

    I wonder why twinks came back to sunwell when u know its ll be dead again after endgame released like happened with angrath.Really good server but for twinking not long life. Warmane horde need core twinks, saying this as aly.Every horde core twink inactive and u all come back to a server for 1 side twinking?Nice!
  4. Pevi

    79 twinking

  5. Pevi

    79 twinking

    Lordaeron horde need rd back so move ur ass there! Idk u guys still play on sunwell or not. Horde so weak now
  6. Pevi

    79 twinking

    I think its time move back to previous server where we came because bracket is so inactive .Ppls went to new server idk why .Looks like we cant play bigger bgs anymore like when we came here there was many ioc av bgs.What do u think about this old red deaths and immoral members?
  7. Pevi

    Legendary achievement problem

    U can trade .Ticket response was from gm '' delete cache restart game and ll work'' but still dont have achi
  8. Any1 experienced same problem then me? Yesterday https://www.wowhead.com/item=34334/thoridal-the-stars-fury dropped , my guilmate won it as warrior. I bought from him for my hunter but I didn't got the feath of strenght achievement. He didn't equipped so he didn't got achievement.Is this a bug or what?
  9. Pevi

    Alliance power

    Yes u have most spells on lvl 79 but there is big different between lvl 78 gear and wrathfull gear. And we like play bgs vs same geared twinking not vs levelers.
  10. Pevi

    Alliance power

    Again a strong aly group For full lvl 79s party aly needed call full lvl 80 party gg! https://imgur.com/s2ejiVd
  11. Pevi

    Alliance power

    An i opened this topic for those dumb lvl 80s not for u maybe they can read .... or i hope
  12. Pevi

    Alliance power

    Well i never said i am pro but atleast i play arms now not 2 button prot like every aly wars .... for prot u dont need skill yet
  13. Pevi

    Alliance power

    He got killed from my war too in 1v1 but gl for kill a rele or wrath geared lvl 80 and since I want level my Hunter these retard aly are irritating...
  14. Pevi

    79 twinking

    Whats wrong with aly?U dont have enought ppls for premade ioc so u keep wsg queue on ioc cta?Realy? Cant u queue without premade like horde? What is the point play wsg when u play that on whole week?No honor xp etc.... Aly lost 2 ioc on this week and stopped queue on whole weekend.
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