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  1. If I were to join ToCh as a tank, I would roll for the DPS trinket. I would not roll for a caster trinket even if boosting a caster friend, but I understand those who would. Git gud and learn to communicate your needs with teammates. Most of them are actually decent people.
  2. I thought you can't trade legendaries at all. Couldn't trade a piece of Valanir back then.
  3. Some of the 6-11/12 hc guilds may feel that the challenge/fun was rudely taken away from them. Some may feel a relief of finally being able to kill stuff. I don't know, maybe the latter group is larger, but I personally feel that the buffed ICC didn't last long enough.
  4. There're 48 bosses in all the difficulties of ICC. Yes, I think cutting off the last 4 made sense. I mean, LoD still won't be for everyone. I have 7/12 ICC 10 hc progress, lol. But still, you see, On the other hand, there're people who As always, can't please everyone.
  5. You should've submitted a ticket in game. Turn ML on/off could also help. Now I don't think GMs will add anything.
  6. Less experienced guilds had 12 normals, 12 hcs in 10, 12 normals in 25, 8 hcs in 25. I think it's reasonable that only the most hardcore should get LoD. Oh well, the decision is made, let's hope not too many semi-hardcores quit right after killing LK 25 HC.
  7. >24.04 We gonna remove all boosts from 25 Heroic version of Icecrown Citadel. Now that's odd in my personal opinion. How many guilds have killed the boosted endwing bosses? How many guilds have killed LK, is it still one? It looks like even some hardcore guilds aren't given a proper chance.
  8. The plan was outlined a month ago. You had a month to try and argue with it. Now there's no point. In the end of the day, 10% isn't a huge deal. I'd still prefer them to not increase it further. We have no Cata to prepare for unlike Blizz. People here have infinite time to gear up, git gut and clear semi-nerfed ICC 25/ICC 10 HCs.
  9. Feel free to bump https://github.com/SunwellWoW/Sunwell-TBC-Bugtracker/issues/3123
  10. You're quite slow, reacting month after announcement.
  11. ICC 10 5/12 HC. It's not much, but keep in mind that e.g. yesterday's raid was 4 warriors, 3 priests, 2 paladins. We're raiding in awful setups for over a year now, but if a shaman/warlock/mage/rdruid joins and changes it, it will be very appreciated!
  12. No one wants public chats to be spammed with incomprehensible messages. It's a rule for everyone, not just for Russians. For everyone's convenience, only English language is allowed in public channels. This rule makes perfect sense and is not difficult to follow. Sorry if you feel otherwise.
  13. I guess they think that Kara attunement discourages more fresh 70's than attracts. Maybe they're right. I'm level 60 currently, 've been looking forward to do all the preraid grind, but maybe I'll change my mind when I realize how long it is, and will actually thank them for removing one step. I must still point out that it's very unBlizzlike! https://wowwiki.fandom.com/wiki/The_Master's_Key
  14. If you played Feronis then your char is on Feronis. If you played Angrathar then your char is on Angrathar. Hope this helps.
  15. I don't know much about PvP, but why do you need mp5 as a mage on arena? In all the runs I've seen, Solace was only for healers. Same with all the other mp5 items. I suggest you to explicitly ask in advance next time.
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