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  1. Here is a link to download Large Address Aware. The link expires 7 days from my reply. https://filebin.net/azptj5dgobhoygt8
  2. Using another language in party chat other than English is not allowed. These are Sunwell rules. https://sunwell.pl/page/rules 3. Party chat in dungeons gathered via Dungeon Finder has a requirement of speaking English. The same rule applies to Battleground chat, as both Battleground chat and Dungeon Finder party chat are considered global chats. 30 minutes of mute - the first case 6 hours of mute – the second case; 10 days of mute – the third and the next cases; If you feel the Rogue was that rude to you or anyone else, you always have the option of putting the
  3. It looks like you posted in the wrong forum as this is the Lore forum and not the Ninja Looting forum. You should re-post in the Ninja Looting forum or ask a Sunwell Admin to move this to the correct forum for you. https://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/forum/158-player-reports/ In addition, you will want to follow the Player Report template. https://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/topic/13669-guide-how-to-report-player/
  4. I might disagree with your idea of allowing players to purchase an instant level 80 but that does not make us enemies. You do not get to tell me where and or how often I cannot respond to any given thread. You asked Sunwell for a pay to win feature via instant 80 in a shop. While I applaud your efforts and you're certainly allowed to ask for such a feature, I do not believe that Sunwell has plans of implementing instant 80 via the shop as this is a pay to win feature. I've said this three times now. Sunwell has not had any pay to win features and I strongly do not think they will ever hav
  5. This is a you problem. You do not want to level a character. You do not want to level from 1 to 80 because it discourages you. There are several other places which offer instant level 80, etc. I will not name them as you can find out for yourself. At this time, I do not believe that Sunwell has plans of implementing instant 80 via the shop as this is a pay to win feature. You can argue "more money for server maintenance" all you wish. However, as I said purchasing an instant level 80 from the Sunwell store is a pay to win feature and will likely not happen.
  6. https://www.wowhead.com/item=44562/pattern-fur-lining-nature-resist https://www.wowhead.com/item=44560/pattern-fur-lining-frost-resist https://www.wowhead.com/item=44559/pattern-fur-lining-fire-resist https://www.wowhead.com/item=44563/pattern-fur-lining-arcane-resist Random is random. Read the comments from the links and you will see that it was different for everyone on retail WotLK.
  7. I was going to suggest that you post this in the Player Reports forum but you already did that.
  8. I do not believe that Sunwell has plans of implementing instant 80 via the shop as this is a pay to win feature.
  9. You will want to post this in the Player Reports forum -- not General Discussion. You will also need to provide Sunwell with uncropped and unedited screenshots. See more info below. Be sure to follow the Player Report Template when reporting another player.
  10. You will want to post this in the Player Report forums and be sure to follow the player report template when doing so.
  11. You've posted this in the wrong section of the forums. Instead, you will want to post in the Player Reports forum. Please use the how-to guide link for more information. https://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/topic/13669-guide-how-to-report-player/
  12. Get two gathering professions such as Herbalism, Mining and Skinning Sell the gathered items on the auction house Equip the gear that you can wear from mobs Use any consumables that you can which drop from mobs Vendor everything else Find a helpful guild and maybe see if someone is willing to craft you some bags
  13. This is what I am using and it works fine. Sounds like you have the wrong version. DBM Sunwell.zip
  14. @Neokoti https://sharemods.com/afx4a4rnkx6v/Grid-r1318.zip.html This is the one you want. Or do a Google search for "wotlk grid 1318". The number 1318 is the version that works.
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