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  1. Ok, already got one. With a permmission of the player adding contact: Anithos (Also got Sunfire enchat) Tipped 300g
  2. LF Enchanter with recipe. Tip 300g - My mats
  3. Does that mean that I can ninja loot everything and its not going to be against the rules? Ninjalooting is forbidden on Sunwell. KEK A loot ninja, AKA ninja looter or simply ninja, is a player who takes loot to which he or she is not entitled. The act is referred to as ninja looting or ninjaing. Nobody is mentioning loot settings...
  4. Your name - KotrmelecReported player's name - NitaDate - 11.08.2020Rule that was broken - MS>OSDescription - Ninja looting Blackhorn Bludgeon from TOC 10. He has only Assassination talents. (2x daggers - then insta log out.)Evidence - Screenshot
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