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  1. You may want to open a ticket in game for a faster response. Are you sure you did the quest starting at Grok in lower city, Shattrath? The long chain of quests I did involved killing elites around blades edge mountains and collecting items that they drop. Here is the list of quests I did to activate it: http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Fa-la-la-la-Ogri'la Edit: It says in this guide that you can skip the first few quests, but I had to do all of them to unlock the correct quests.
  2. Not sure if you still need help with this, but you have to do a long quest chain that starts with the ogre by the vendors in Shattrath. I was able to do some random parts of the chain early (Where the ogre has you talk to the Skyguard) but after I turned it in there was no followup. Finishing the ogre's quests should unlock the rest of the chain
  3. Your name - HangryReported player's name - Fagasstraps (Horde)Date - 26 / 12 / 2018Rule that was broken - https://sunwell.pl/page/rules general rules #17, Character name must not be vulgar, racist, insultingDescription - See screenshot below, this name is incredibly vulgar and should not be allowed.Evidence - See attached screenshot
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    resolved. kind of
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