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  1. I updated the link to google drive so you can look it up with viewer rights straight out. If the link doesn't work for you send me email or request viewing rights. Cheers folks.
  2. Uhhh... some of us have too busy lives to attend this on such short notice. That leaves my whole squad out. Also, why only 10min, retail it was 22min, someone correct me here. Some teams need to do many mind games before gaining the definite upper hand, even with this low resil season.
  3. Vaxsysl

    Unable to login to Frosthold

    24h later, Dunno what went wrong, but I no longer have any issues.
  4. Vaxsysl

    Unable to login to Frosthold

    I haven't experienced this problem before. When I got home from work yday I logged on for ~15min then I got disconnected, twice in a row - first time I lost signal, second time it client-server thing. After the second DC I was unable to logon. I thought my internet is the problem, but it was running fine. I tried logging on to Angrathar and its done without any troubles. I cleared cache n stuff, no improvement. I tried my other clients and other PCs, same result - the moment I attempt to connect to Frosthold, I get instant kick out. The only relation I have with this kind of DC is when someone is logged into your account and you attempt to connect, then you bot get booted this way. I checked with guildies on Discord, I wasn't online and via sunwell control panel I saw my account is just fine. I enabled two-factor authentication again just as a precaution and it seems my account was not hijacked at all. Could staff help me please? I'm out of clues what to do on my end and there has been no reply from you guys on Discord. Thank you.
  5. Why are all servers so keen on releasing the raid on Saturday, give us our Wednesday or extend that ID
  6. @MaRoky Are you sure you're replying to a correct topic? Whichoever addons you are trying to use, download addons for WotLK, make sure you have the right version. Regardless, I suggest you to use ACP; Addon Control Panel addon.
  7. Vaxsysl

    Text Problem

    I can only suggest you to download Prat 3.0, set font size, disable outlines and GG. Something like this (this is not my main window).
  8. Vaxsysl

    About blood elf comunity and faction balance

    Must be because you're a Pedo.
  9. If they are taking up your bag space while leveling up; and you don't want to use any addons or macros to help you out, consider depositing a bunch of them in your bank. Then all remaining soul shards will go to bag; etc two or three. But that takes up your bank space, but that's what mules are for.
  10. Vaxsysl

    LF chill PvP guild

    Sent you PM.
  11. Vaxsysl

    LF chill PvP guild

    @Xavier you'd be surprised actually. You rarely encounter ragers in PvP guilds, even they dislike bad behavior. @Ulthar on which faction did you roll?
  12. Vaxsysl

    LFM Frosthold RDF leveling group

    Yes, the server will start from scratch. You can read more on their official post: Cheers.
  13. That comment made my day, you posted just before I was leaving for work. Thank you! You should find everything you need here. It's all there for you to devour!
  14. Hello there @Sash. There's little use for such lists as you're generally gearing up and your gear can look very differently depending what other items you have from previous tier. But if you're not doing hardmodes but are doing OS25 3d and EoE on regular basis, you aim for Brood + Scale trinket setup, EoE neck quest, OS cloak (and wrist is good-ish too), T8(4) set and the rest depends on which items you already have. Sash of Ancient Power (Ulduar crafted haste+hit belt) is nifty to have unless you already have Dying Curse or other items with hit. Auriya's weapon is your best 1h weapon from any non-hardmode. Your main concern is optimizing hit - mentioned neck, belt, OH and feet from XT - and Dying Curse. You optimize on the go.
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