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  1. 3.1 patch theorycrafting isn't relevant for 3.3.3 talents. In this patch, at pre-raid gear levels, demo sims the highest, followed by affliction and destruction is at the bottom At that stage they're all pretty close (destro would still be #3 spec in the game in extended single target fights), but destruction is the lowest-scaling spec of the three so it's only ever going to fall further behind, and both affliction and demonology have ways of gaming mechanics (like proccing decimation on low-HP adds or affliction snapshotting corruption with tricks of the trade damage boost) that can be used to gain a further advantage over naive Patchwerk-like conditions of a sim. Now, destruction does have a small resurgence with 4pt T8 set bonus but that's not enough to bring it to the top. Realistically, the encounters where you might want to use destruction are those where survivability of a soul link comes in handy and you don't want to run demonology for one reasons or another (in 25-man raids overwriting raid DPS geared demo mains Demonic Pact is a pretty good reason as it is). Or alternatively, if you suck: destro is the more mindless spec. :^)
  2. Angrathar timers for Algalon and Vezax would be wrong, but other than that, I don't recall other custom changes Angrathar had that would alter the timers.
  3. The reasoning only applies to pure PvP-players and not hybrid players who intend to do both high-end PvP and PvE. For example, currently 3/5 of both 2v2 and 3v3 top5 teams are Horde (and at some point I believe it was 5 out of 5, at least for 2v2), and that's despite smaller pool of active PvPers on Horde. PvP-oriented players by large might go ally but a lot if not most "elite" players tend to be hybrid players who play on Horde side, or go Horde because they can find aforementioned teammates there, or because Horde racials are better for their specific class.
  4. RDF is inherently every man for himself kind of system that punishes prosocial behavior. Blame Blizzard for making such a garbage design (and devs for implementing it at this stage). I understand they eventually """fixed""" this with personal loot, which I think is a retarded system, but to its credit at least it does remove the issue of people not only needing gear for friends but people needing gear to vendor it, which I recall being a far from unheard of practice in retail and some private servers. At this point people are being nice, only needing items for actual use (by someone). Titansteel Destroyer is much better for UH anyhow. Just buy that one.
  5. KimmoKM

    Remaining Resto Druid Talent Points

    Drop points from Living Seed and put them to Balance for Celestial Focus for 3% haste (+ 3/3 Nature's Grace and 1/3 Brambles to unlock it). You're basically not going to be using direct healing spells in 25-man raiding context (in dungeons and 10-mans you might as well be playing 0/0/0 spec so the negative tradeoff is insignificant).
  6. KimmoKM

    New to the server - Ratios question?

    There's no accurate numbers available, but my general feeling is 60:40 H:A ratio or closer. If you are concerned with PvP queues however, it should be noted that PvP-oriented tend to go Ally, and from what I've seen, Horde has instant queues despite being the more populous faction.
  7. KimmoKM

    Can we end the Alliance advantages in WG?

    https://www.wowhead.com/news=145516/patch-3-3-3-upcoming-wintergrasp-balance-changes It's Blizzlike, something that happens if the faction has been losing many times in a row.
  8. KimmoKM

    Profession for BE Retr Paladin

    No it isn't. The exclusive enchants give the same benefits as other professions so don't in fact offer any advantage (in fact, it's a disadvantage, because gaining this benefit costs enchanting mats worth gold) and for all but the most business-savvy players dedicated for making gold, you will NEVER make back the cost of leveling the profession in the first place from selling enchants, compared to cheaper professions (inscription/alchemy). Taking DEing epics into account, you might eventually, but even that is questionable, especially considering some other professions also allow you to save money in other ways (such as double flask duration for alchemy and inscription shoulder enchants being cheaper than Sons of Hodir ones, as well as removing the opportunity cost of time spent getting your reputation up). Moreover, as ret specifically, ap is strictly inferior to strength so in actuality the benefit (enchanting gives 80ap) isn't the same as other professions but in fact worse than JC (105ap) and Blacksmithing (100ap come epic gems, at this stage it's the same 80ap benefit) that allow you to get stats of your choice. Tailoring and engineering would also be more potent than ench/alch/insc/LW, although require slightly more thought than passive stats. Moreover, if you are thinking about perhaps playing Holy offspec, for Holy JC+BS are overwhelmingly the strongest professions. TLDR: If you want to min/max, the professions of choice are JC and one of tailoring/engi/BS (once epic gems become available). If you don't really care about min/maxing, inscription and alchemy give parity benefits to remaining professions while being the least trouble. Enchanting and leatherworking are cuck professions: someone's gotta have them in the guild, but they are goddamn awful to level and you get no personal benefit out of them.
  9. KimmoKM

    Is this server really Blizzlike?

    Retail had dynamic respawn timers since at least the beginning of TBC. Indeed, the current implementation is unblizzlike, but to the direction of spawns not being adjusted enough. Wrath dungeons aren't worth doing in RDF with 25% experience boost from finishing them or otherwise. It has no practical significance whatsoever. Like, I don't know what you expect. Obviously, you don't really know what retail Wrath was like to begin with. Conversely, these are just some differences among others. For example, every single mob has incorrect damage values unless they're correct by accident. Or, even if they were correct, their damage values are incorrectly determined, because in retail mobs had str/agi/sta/int attributes that contributed to their attack power and other stats, while private server implementation simply only has the final values (the only way you could tell the difference would be mobs gaining stats if you mind control them and buff them with kings, which happens precisely never, but it is an example of a bug that affects every single mob). Depending on how nitpicky you are, you could list thousands to hundreds of thousands of unblizzlike bugs. And then there are deliberate deviations from retail implementation, such as not having T10 raids available with 3.3.5a client, or buffed raids. To answer the question "is the server blizzlike" demands defining what exactly you mean by "blizzlike". Correct implementation of any WotLK patch? Obviously not, for previous reasons. But if you mean something like "producing authentic feel" (whatever that means exactly), then the answer is probably yes. 2x experience rates don't make leveling completely ridiculous such that mobs turn gray before you even finish the zone and the general feel of leveling is kinda the same except that it takes half the time (3x for 1-68 is where you begin to feel the difference but it's not completely bonkers, the worse offender is random dungeon finder, which is blizzlike for 3.3x version of the game). Conversely, endgame is arguably more authentic than correctly implemented blizzlike servers would be. For example, bosses like Firefighter, Yogg+0 and Lich King heroic with 0% buff are remembered as tough encounters but analogous to first BWL clears in WoW Classic that are going to be over in about the same time as world first Nefarian kill alone (just like people are killing MC bosses in 15 seconds flat), blizzlike versions would be killed on the first try while Angrathar was well-tuned to provide a real progression raiding feel to the content. And generally, game elements like economy and such do feel about right, despite higher experience rates and inaccuracies of emulation. And it should be noted that while I can list hundreds of thousands of bugs, most people would struggle to find more than a select handful of "obvious" issues. When I say there's 100k bugs, that doesn't mean the game is unplayable or anything. It's actually pretty well-implemented all things considered.
  10. KimmoKM

    My thoughts and concerns

    Angrathar lived through its life cycle well-populated throughout. Why should people farm the same content for years on end?
  11. Why should you be able to guarantee BiS equipment the first day you ding? Why do you feel obliged to be able to get it at all? Come on. On the other hand, while we're on topic on 5-mans, they really ought to be buffed by 100-300%. AT LEAST by the 30 something percent that would compensate for 3.3.3 talents. They were pathetic at Wrath launch but they're absurdly pathetic now.
  12. KimmoKM

    Angrathar: Endgame

    How many resets did it take to clear LK HC? Quite many as I recall. Now, the strongest guilds had left the server during or after Ulduar so LOD could certainly have been achieved in fewer resets, but I just don't get some people's obsession on expecting near-BiS gear by the time bosses are killed. Indeed, that would be quite ridiculous since at that point only the single strongest guild can beat it - if another guild could clear it with any less gear, they would have claimed the first (supposing no one's doing split runs, everyone gears at roughly the same speed, and for that matter I don't think split runs should be encouraged). Each reset of gear acting as an indirect nerf to content is a wonderful mechanic, but that only works insofar as there's further room to gear up beyond the point that's required to kill the bosses. If a boss DEMANDS very many resets of gear (especially considering if it also takes a good comp, which high-end guilds are more likely to have: requiring too much gear will lock out most raids forever), you're in an utterly unhealthy spot of super-exclusive content or prompt nerfs being required, neither of which are desirable. On the other hand, if firsts are achievable without farming prior content too much, this mechanic takes care of all the problems naturally without demeaning the content with nerfs or anything of the sort being required and everyone's happy. Besides folks who have an obsession about content "lasting long enough" even though they don't have any skin in the game, I guess. Now, perhaps you could say bosses other than LK should have lasted longer and that sort of makes sense, but then again, they lasted for an unblizzlike duration as it is. ICC sans LK is supposed to be pathetic.
  13. KimmoKM

    Whats the current HC Progress for ICC?

    What retail hype? Every heroic boss but Professor/Sindragosa/Lich King died the first day. Everything but the Lich King died the first reset. I don't know about Sunwell's custom buffs to Professor or Sindragosa, but in Blizzlike ICC only Lich King would be in any way relevant.
  14. KimmoKM

    Dual Spec for Horde

    If it's such a big deal to you and your guild, why didn't you roll Alliance? Besides, from what I have seen having followed the numbers a bit, faction balance has been dropping closer to Horde. I may even have spotted it temporarily at 60-40 (Horde outnumbering Allies 1.5 to 1), a point at which the outnumbered faction starts to noticeably suffer, presenting a strong incentive for established players to flee, or for new players not to roll. Reducing incentives to stay Alliance might be disastrous.
  15. KimmoKM

    New to private servers.

    In order to be a good prot warrior you have to play a different expansion. Go with the paladin.
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