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  1. The only thing changing with your class is set bonuses. This is patch 3.3.5 now and forever.
  2. You forgot "none"
  3. There seems to be a bug in that Simcraft doesn't account for socket bonuses when importing from Rawr.
  4. Yeah badge and rep items have same stats as hc epic drops so that's why I lumped them together. I got those way before the blues I wanted anyway due to rng The shoulders I got after this raid. I don't crit-roll corruption as there is really only potion and crit-staff to roll at this level of content. I used speed potion instead. NMIC-trinket is the big deal breaker for rolling crit, the potion is just icing on the cake.
  5. http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-z6i2sps3t66tfe41/sum/damageDone/?s=2251&e=2448
  6. I am about 50/50 of hc and naxx10 gear. I hit 7.3 on my first attempt on patch25. And that's without tricks. So it's doable. And by no means do I claim to play perfectly.
  7. If you can play at 60+ you can play from lvl 1. And if you work, you can afford x4 boost.
  8. What he said. I think it's mainly people who can't find success in any other endeavor so they go around stomping lowbies to feel good. It's the equivalent to an adult going down to the beach and smashing all the children's sand castles for fun.
  9. What's your opinion on best use of 4p? Using a global every 10 sec(9 if you for some reason want bigger lifetap) for 155sp seems a bit costly. I tried running a sim and it uses the 4p every 20 secs. I ran a sim with 3 pieces and it still taps every 20 secs, so I'm assuming it doesn't give a shit about the buff and just taps for mana and gains the buff as a bonus. Should we treat it the same? Obviously exceptions would be trinket procs and the like.
  10. You need 4% spell hit against players. 6% if you want to cover racials like undead and draenei.
  11. http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=328130
  12. I messed around with it a bit more last night, and there's a lot of stuff just not working in r14 which was released back in wotlk. The one OP used on Dalaran-WoW was a backport of the MoP version, but for some reason it's made to only work on that server. So if you want a fully functioning one I suggest you download the one on Warmane. It has some visual bugs but everything works fine so far, just have to /reload after setting up auras.
  13. My only guess is either someone backported a newer version or someone modified the code to support that functionality. Try asking on your old server if it's still around.
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong but originally you could only use mousebuttons with modifiers like shift and ctrl etc. It might be different on retail version but back in the day this was the sole functionality.
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