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  1. I reached an important milestone as a prot paladin about a week ago when I reached the uncrushable cap which is a different cap from the defense cap. Paladins can't maintank bosses in raids until they reach the uncrushable cap, until then they are paper tanks for raid bosses. You can offtank non-bosses in raids before reaching that cap though. I was therefore very excited to have no problems tanking Netherspite yesterday. So how do we calculate if we are uncrushable or how much is still missing? The uncrushable cap is 102.4% avoidance or more with holy shield up. So we calc
  2. Wudang

    [H] EU Prot pala LF raiding guild

    Hello. I'm looking for a EU raiding guild. Played wow since tbc retail and got hand of adal title on retail. I'm Icelandic and I speak good English. Pretty new at paladin tanking but getting a grip on the most important aspects which are having a high amount of spellpower as well as getting uncrushable gear asap. (Which is not the same as the defense cap). I can play ret as well but don't have gear for it yet. I'm available for raiding pretty much every day in december and first 1-2 weeks of January but Wednesdays will likely not suit me after that time. Looking forwar
  3. Wudang

    Report Ysenna

    Enforcerella Ysenna 12. may 2018 Harassment, name calling, rude I want to report harassment from Ysenna. He obviously thinks calling people retards and other names is okay, but I dont think so. Let's keep the server friendly.
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