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    [Voltarus] Heroic T7 - Loot

    I didn't suggest adding custom items. That is an option that I do like though. You don't have to add a custom item for every single gear piece but rather limited items. Also there is an entire raid of unused unobtainable items from the original Naxx, and 545 ish unused items in the game files that haven't been implemented. I honestly dont care how they make HC items better as long as they do. The same thing I've said the entire time.
  2. Hoodee

    [Voltarus] Heroic T7 - Loot

    #RemoveLootAFromNM - Or anyway to make loot items better in HC than NM - this is just a simple way I've seen one of the GM's speak to the fact that they believe this is optional content and therefore they shouldn't give any power level rewards. I am sure this sentiment is shared among multiple GM's. However, I always have the option of making content more difficult for myself by using worse gear / less player / no consumables.... etc... I am playing on this server because the difficulty is made for me and I would like a reward to go along with him.
  3. Hoodee

    [Voltarus] Heroic T7 Information

  4. Hoodee

    [Voltarus] Heroic T7 Information

    Certainly hope you decide to make changes to power level of items that drop from 25hc and 25nm. On another note, changing the mount to be rng from a variety of bosses that will certainly and shouldn't be the same difficulty as one another seems like a bad change.
  5. Hoodee

    [Voltarus] Heroic T7 Information

    I agree with the majority of this post. However, I suggest that you shouldn't have a random % chance to gain a 213 item from 25 nm. Instead if you want to incentivize people to do 25 nm over 10 man, I'd suggest having specific loot items drop on 25 nm that are 213 (not random % of any item from that boss). As an alternative, if it is possible, having 25hc drop same item but higher item level with slightly upgraded stats.
  6. Hoodee

    [Report] Unknown GM

    IGN - Hoodee Reported Players Name - Unknown GM Date - 5/11/2018 Rule Broken - Executing /kill command without reason. Description - The first time I was /killed was reasonable. I enlarged my self using Giant Elixir, Growth Buff and Giant Feast. I was in Dalaran and accidentally glitched into the fountain near the north bank. When I tried to move out of the fountain it would lag the server. Therefore a GM rightfully killed me. However when I made myself big again, I was not causing lag as I was not glitching into anything. The GM decided to /kill me anyway. On both i
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