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  1. Halion's difficulty in 25 Heroic mode will be increased, so he won't be easier.
  2. I am sorry but the appeal is rejected. PayPal abuse has been confirmed.
  3. Hello. We're investigating this issue. I will edit the post once we finish. [Edit] This bug has been fixed and we have decided to reject this report, because it happened only once and was unintentional.
  4. Thanks. We will investigate this.
  5. Hey. The exploiters have been banned for 7 days and their items from Lich King 10 Heroic were removed.
  6. Dredd

    Badiz Muted

    Hello. Appeal denied. Not only did you insult other players, but you've also spoken language other than English.
  7. Hey. We were never participating in faking online on any of our realms. You can check /who, whisper people, etc. There are no playerbots as well, but this one is pretty obvious. We won't be deleting this thread, we have nothing to fear and nothing to hide! Cheers!
  8. Hey. Some people already used the emblems. This bug won't happen again, but 2nd weekly will be available until the next week to keep it fair.
  9. You're insulting Sunwell staff on other Discord, which normally isn't a real offense, but in this situation it was. Instead of messaging me, you've insulted me and tried to create a drama. I won't unban you.
  10. Dredd

    Discord ban

    Ban revoked, keep it civil.
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