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  1. Character Name - Antik Punishment Reason - Banned for saying Crafty should only be head idiot. Date - [My time CST] September 22 Description - I jokingly stated "How is Crafty the head GM? The only thing he should be head of is as head idiot." in global and got banned by Azureuz for 7 days. Evidence I mean sure. I broke a rule of denigrating a GM. It was a poor joke and I shouldn't have. However 7 days seems exceptionally excessive. I though bans for these types of things were a few hours? And all but extreme harassment and or extreme and blatant and consistent racism were 7 days
  2. >I'm not complaining >complains Expected.
  3. see; Why was that player banned when he did nothing wrong. Nothing at all. This isn't the first time someone has been banned for getting on entirely accessible terrain in a bg only for some terrible player to cry about not being smart enough to get to it themselves. Those positions were allowed by blizzard, any class can get to them. It requires no exploiting of mechanics or abilities.
  4. You sperg off a lot in your post and it's hard to understand what you mean. You should maybe use words and proper sentences rather than not. Otherwise I think? I agree with most of what you wrote. Except the end. I disagree that no bosses but Rotface and BPC should be killed on the first ID. This is Paragon's kill times for TLK (25) and the following ID the killed everything on HC besides TLK. While I agree in general that it's too easy, and I personally feel a 30-50% HP buff should have been given to the NM bosses (as well as HC bosses). It is a "blizzlike" server (though
  5. It shouldn't be catered to the shitters either. For example; 3.2.0 (TOC) release was August 4, 2009 Anub'Arak HC world first was September 7, 2009 That's 34 days later. Did it take 5 IDs to kill heroic Anub here? I don't think so. It was what, ID 3? That and the top guilds on private servers are maybe 5% as capable as the top guilds on retail were in WOTLK. This content isn't hard. Ulduar HMs weren't hard. e: they were challenging, not hard; everything that could be known about them was Nope. But Normal mode should have had a 30% HP buff and HC should have
  6. If they state so at the beginning and have a screenshot of such being said, yes.
  7. Do either of the people who disliked my post care to actually offer something constructive? Or are you unable to form coherent thoughts and turn them into replies?
  8. I seriously hope the DEVs read my previous post. Lootship buffs is a completely retarded change. That fight was easy TO BE EASY. That fight was easy TO GIVE FREE LOOT. If they can't understand that then there's something amiss. I've though about what I said in my earlier post and not being able to think of something to change on LDW in place of changing ghosts, or BPC in place of changing kinetic bombs and it dawned on me. Why change anything? They're mechanic driven fights, like PP is. Just changing HP values would seem to be enough. Instead of an ~25% HP bonus I would have preferred som
  9. Yes. And 4 RDF 1 specific queue is in no way random!
  10. Not a fan of the lootship changes. I don't think it will make the fight any more difficult at all, but the entire feel of that fight was as a freebie. You know "lootship". I'd prefer if that encounter went completely unchanged: meaning bringing back a 4th cannon. It would be nice because LDW will be one of the toughest encounters in the instance on heroic mode, up there with PP HC. I'm also not a big fan of the 5 ghosts change versus 3 as well as the 5 kinetic bombs versus 3. What I would and I think others would prefer too would be changes like you did to Twin Valks debuff. I'
  11. Agreed. 4/5 players choosing random and 1/5 players choosing a specific dungeon makes the entire group's dungeon NOT RANDOM. It's kinda not up for discussion. Please bring me your logic if you think you have so much to offer up. The moment human choice is added to an otherwise random set: the set becomes not random.
  12. Yup. The difference being if you group 4 RDF players with 1 force queue player it cease to be random for anyone. So my resultant statement still holds. Additionally It's not a 1/2 chance per flip or 1/2^10 (0.0009765625) it's a 1/16th chance per flip or 1/16^10 (9.09494702E-13) which is significantly more rare. It isn't even slightly close. So while it is possible to happen, my experiences plus multiple other players' experiences + multiple guild members' experiences kinda make a case that it's specifically people taking advantage of the fact that RDF players are group in with specific du
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