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  1. bamby

    About multiboxing

    Enjoy and have fun playing here without any dog, with a super PC, camping you with 1 button+25accounts at same time. Welcome to the paradise! The only problem of the server in my view is they don't care about ninjas in 10nm and i pray for that rule change when icc come. But no one is perfect.
  2. bamby

    About multiboxing

    "Multiboxing by using 3rd party software is prohibited and the punishment is the same like in point 7 of the Terms of Use. Playing with a few Sunwell accounts simultaneously is allowed, however joining a Battleground or a Dungeon through Dungeon Finder using more than one account is forbidden. You can boost your alt in dungeons, help with quests and so on, but disturbing other players is something we'd rather want to avoid."
  3. bamby

    Show off your UI!

  4. bamby

    Tugas por aqui?

    Eu ainda não vi nenhum
  5. bamby

    Scripting trash already on sunwell

    Sunwell is not warmane. They care about the comunity and you can check it in game. You do a ticket and they help you, sometimes instantly or 5 mints later. Warmane dont touch in blackrock for 1 year and lies about ETA dates and only care about money. I leave blackrock because of the scripting too, but here you can simple .sp sp playername, record and report it... and you dont have to wait days or weeks for ban a scripter. I will share later a addon for show the time of kicking and reflect for help report this things. This game is old and you understand is hard to protect pvp with a good anti cheater because they want bypass it all the time. They cant "getting rid of this kid" because they do a new account everytime etc, just report it. If you hate them, you will have fun doing it and trust in the staff work. Sorry about my english and have fun playing in this server because is one of the best actuality with small problems, but they work hard to fix they and bring friendly comunity.
  6. bamby

    I do not see players

    You start the battle for undercity. You need do the quest chain for get the old stormwind back.
  7. bamby

    Lag problem

    Dear staff My latency is out of control and is not my isp problem... I tested my internet for others pl hosts and its fine. Don't tell me it's my problem how you say in tickets... a joke help. Alot of ppl have the same problem and they show it in global channel. Already changed my dns and tryed vpn services(wtfast, etc) and is the same.. With few tests in cmd ping your host fail send 1 packages in 4 tryes. My normal ping is 60 ms and it go out of control to 1k or more in few seconds. Already talked with other ppl of my country( Portugal and arround it) and they have the same problem. Can you pls contact your server host provider
  8. Automatically block channel invites and add user to your ignore list. When you log again, the ignore is clean. Chat commands: /bc enable - enable addon /bc disable - disable addon /bc status - show addon status /bc clean - clean ignore list (use internal addon database) Have fun! BlockChannel.rar
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