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  1. MrCulé

    Arena Matchmaking Bugged

    Feel free to report bug on BT and don't forget to provide the proper sources regarding functioning. https://github.com/SunwellWoW/Sunwell-TBC-Bugtracker/issues
  2. MrCulé

    Character disappeared

    Shut down cannot remove your character. It wasn't reason of this situation for sure.
  3. MrCulé

    Wipe the Server: POLL

    There is no an option. Locked.
  4. MrCulé

    [GUIDE] How to play WoW TBC on macOS

  5. MrCulé

    allow transmog or people dont play

    Okay, we cannot satisfy everyone Locked.
  6. MrCulé

    [A-FR] PVE <Oui Non> Guild

  7. MrCulé

    <Recipe For Hate> (NA) {Alliance}

  8. As always, we'll add to the store only mounts that are not obtainable in the game.
  9. Mounts, pets, cosmetic items like D.I.S.C.O etc.
  10. Hello @Whiteflamingo I must admit that I understand your flustration. When it comes to Nightbane status, @neheri clearly summed it up. I also was a player and I was also looking for the server on which my time won't be wasted; it's natural attitude, nobody wants to waste time. However, private servers aren't stable(in terms of longevity) thing and there are a lot of factors that can make that realm die. We do our best to keep our realms in a good condition; Angrathar is 11 months old, but yesterday peaked with 4750 connected players. That's a great result, but nobody can guarantee that realm will be living 1/2/3/4 years etc. We can promise that we'll do our best to run a realm for long years, but nobody knows what will future bring.
  11. MrCulé

    {H-PvE} Playing Ironically

    Pinned! Good luck guys!
  12. I don't know why are you asking about such thing, but there absolutely won't be such possibility.
  13. MrCulé

    Black Market - Description!

    Of course not. The character will be transferred to your account.
  14. MrCulé

    Black Market - Description!

    We've already implemented the limit of gold. 50g will be the maximum amount on the selling character.
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