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  1. Azathothh

    Characters Lost?

    Hello. Angrathar realm was archieved and transfers from Angrathar to Frosthold were available since 16/12/2020. They are not available at this moment, but will be re-enabled soon. Frosthold remains opened - it's a fully progressed realm. Voltarus is fresh realm, currently in T7/S5 stage, with Ulduar being released next.
  2. Azathothh

    Arles Ban (Azathothh)

    Hello. You didn't have any aura to allow you that (even invisible one) and it magically "fixed itself" when i confronted you? Even if you were telling the truth (which i don't believe) you still abused a bug which is against our rules: https://sunwell.pl/p/wotlk_rules I'll reduce your ban duration a bit, but next time when you use any kind of hacks - it will result in much severe punishment. Best regards
  3. Azathothh

    Unban appeal at Frosthold

    Hello. If you share your account with someone else then you have to keep in mind that you're still responsible for anything that is happening on your account. If you wanted to keep your account safe, you shouldn't have shared it. Appeal rejected, Best regards
  4. Azathothh

    2 players on 1 IP

    Hello. There are no such restrictions, the only restriction related to it is about multiboxing and how many accounts one person can use. "16. Multiboxing by using any kind of automation (software or hardware) is prohibited and the punishment is the same like in point 7 of the Terms of Use. You can be online on ONLY two accounts simultaneously, however joining a Battleground or a Dungeon through Dungeon Finder using more than one account is forbidden. You can boost your alt in dungeons, help with quests and so on, but disturbing other players is something we'd rather want to avoid." h
  5. Azathothh

    Banned while doing 10 games arena

    Hello. Your ban duration was reduced (you can find info about ban in player's panel on our website https://sunwell.pl/ucp ) Please never do such things again and follow our rules: https://sunwell.pl/p/wotlk_rules Best regards
  6. Azathothh

    Banned by Azatothh

    Hello. What i saw is that you're playing on one account and botting on the other one, so i have no doubt that you were at the pc, but i also have no doubt that you were botting on new account probably thinking you can do that and your main account is safe... "Your gf" account was banned as well due to connection to other accounts and gaining profits from the botting. Appeal rejected, Best regards
  7. Azathothh

    Banned from discord? For what?

    Hello. You've been banned for constant toxicity and acting to the detriment of the server. Best regards
  8. Azathothh

    Banned by unknown - Shigur

  9. Azathothh

    The problem with Donate

    Hello. Please contact Raphael#4763 on our discord, make sure to provide information about the issue and your account name https://discord.gg/JMSyzSY
  10. Azathothh

    Banned - An Apology

    Hello, Appeal accepted, but keep in mind that if you do that again either on this account or any other, it may end up with perm ban. Best regards
  11. Azathothh

    Client dawload

    Make sure that you have account on our website https://sunwell.pl/ , this is forum (https://sunwell-community.com), and forum account is not connected to game or website. If that's not the case, then you have to provide more info, how do you start the game, what are you doing, what is happening, etc, the more info the better. Best regards
  12. Azathothh

    Client dawload

    This is what you should see after starting the game, if you see it then you have correct version of client. Please login with your account name NOT your e-mail. Best regards
  13. It can stay of course, like you've mentioned - someone else may have same issue and find solution here. I'm glad that it was solved Welcome!
  14. Hello. Please make sure that you have account on https://sunwell.pl/ and that you're logging with login/password from it, not from https://sunwell-community.com (it's only our forum). If that's not the case, please provide more info, what kind of error you receive?
  15. Azathothh

    Diekuh banned by <unknown>

    Hello. Ban time remaining: 6d2h29m17s, Banned by: Azathothh, Reason: multiboxing (Rule 16) Sorry, but you knew it's not allowed, we're not going to warn all the time or give 10 "second" chances. You have to stick to the rules https://sunwell.pl/p/wotlk_rules if you want to play on Sunwell. Ban will expire on 20/03/2021 Best regards
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