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  1. Hello. Transfers from Feronis to Angrathar were available in May - June of 2019, unfortunately it's no longer possible, sorry. Best regards
  2. Hello. Please message me (Azathothh#4198) on discord (https://sunwell.pl/discord) with the e-mails that were used for these accounts, so i know which ones should i activate. Usually yahoo and hotmail does have issues with accepting these mails, other often issue is typo in the mail. Best regards
  3. Hello. Sorry but i won't believe in a single of your words again - you've had multiple chances, we've trusted in similar words in the past and removed your ban, yet you've kept using bots/hacks. Appeal rejected. Best regards
  4. Hello. Your mute duration was reduced, consider it as a christmas gift and keep in mind that it won't happen again. You've been muted enough times to know that you're not allowed to do what you did. Best regards
  5. Hello. Probably quickest option is to write to Raphael#4763 on our discord (https://sunwell.pl/discord) , make sure to provide necessary info (if it's about forum account or website+game account). You may be asked few questions to confirm that you're the owner of mentioned account. Best regards
  6. Screenshot uploading issue was already fixed some time ago (also it's always possible to use image sharing services like imgur.com/ to upload screenshots, and then just paste links to them). Best regards
  7. Hello. Amazing story, please consider writing some science-fiction book. 4. Selling / buying gold is prohibited. for selling gold, the player is punished with a permanent ban without being able to appeal against it; Appeal rejected, Best regards
  8. In most of those screens he did similar or higher dmg than rest of his team, so we can't rely on these screenshots as proofs for being afk. We'll keep an eye on him and if he's just avoiding in-game "report afk" system, he will be punished. You can get rid of such players by right clicking on their portrait and using "Report player away" option, if enough number of players does that, he will receive a debuff and be removed from bg shortly after. Best regards
  9. Hello. You can't just break our rules and then say "i was just joking". "5. Trolling the staff may result in a punishment. In a special situation the staff has right to remove any player from the server if it is deemed necessary." https://sunwell.pl/page/rules 21:55:08 [6. Global][Atkrues]: kurwa [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker] " breaking rules" i dont care i dont care ! 21:55:28 [6. Global][Atkrues]: i im immune to gms x) Probably you should start to care. Considering that you've broken multiple of our rules with premeditation and amount of your previous mut
  10. Hello. You've been already warned to not do that (twice!) yet you kept doing it, that's why mute is so long. I'll reduce duration of that mute, but if you lie and this will happen again, your account will be perm banned with no option to appeal. Best regards
  11. Hello, Thanks for your report, he was punished. Best regards
  12. I agree that DPS should have priority on that weapon for main spec, but it's also good weapon for prot paladin or warrior. Since there were no DPS rolling for it for main spec, i don't see anything wrong in giving it to prot paladin who won the roll. Best regards
  13. Azathothh


    Hello. Mute was removed. Please change your password and enable 2FA (tutorial here:https://sunwell.pl/two-factor-authentication) or IP lock if you're using static IP to make sure that your account is safe as it appears it may have been compromised in the past. Best regards
  14. They are available now, they had to be temporarily disabled after Mythic+ was disabled. Please follow news on #frosthold channel on our Discord to stay up to date: https://sunwell.pl/discord
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