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  1. Hello After being kicked/muted you had continued doing the same thing on global chat through different accounts. The ban was for only 8 hours which has already expired. Best regards, Crafty
  2. Hello You had two hours time to fix the mistake and give the item back, yet you did not. Appeal declined
  3. We cannot take cropped screenshots, please re-open report with full ones as described here:
  4. Greetings If it was "stat prio" yes, you would had gotten it. Raid Leader asked for a reroll and you had agreed with it Since you lost the reroll you should had given it to Zsigma, but you had decided to ignore it.
  5. Silverrhand was punished for ninjalooting according to our rules It seems issue was solved between Mchalah and Silverrhand, report is dismissed.
  6. After checking logs once more, Beroo will be punished for ninjalooting according to our rules
  7. Screenshots must include the rolls, not through roll addon, please edit then ping me with @
  8. Laff was added to the ninjalooting list
  9. Normally, if the item is distributed wrongfully, RL must ask for the item back and have a screenshot as proof in case he is reported. Broko must respond, with the screenshot that he tried to fix it (by asking Beroo to give the item back). He has been informed through an in-game mail
  10. closing thread, please re-open with proper screenshots
  11. Please include full screenshot, preferably with enlarged chat window
  12. Manolas will be added to the ninjalooting list
  13. Incomplete screenshots, I need to see more of the chat such as "ROLL X roll roll roll looted" I'm not able to take the addon window into consideration
  14. Wouldn't this be more suited to be handled inside the guild alongside officers/guild master?
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