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  1. Invers was added to the ninjalooting list
  2. Player Howtokill will be punished for ninjalooting in the highest tier.
  3. My response is the same as the one given by Azureuz in the past topic. https://sunwell-community.com/topic/19196-report-laitha/
  4. Player was added to the ninjalooting list.
  5. Appeal accepted - Account will still receive punishment for goldbuying.
  6. Kociula had already answered this report
  7. Czakal was added to the ninjalooting list. Regardless of what other raid members are doing, it's the Master Looter's responsibility to proper assign loot
  8. Report dismissed. Rules were specified
  9. Greetings @Wariacina Appeal accepted, punishment moved to Raid Leader.
  10. @Krecior If loot rules are not changed, they are the default ones found at https://sunwell.pl/page/rules
  11. @Caise It seems it was an automatic link ban. You already had an account banned on our discord server quite a while ago (maybe over 1 year ago). If discord detects any of the following things that links to a banned account, your new account is removed automatically from our discord (IP, email, phone number). I had removed the ban from your old account Furiose#8740 (Reason: advertising other servers). You should be able to rejoin now https://discord.gg/sunwell
  12. Crafty

    [REPORT] Laitha

    If you wish, open a new ninjalooting thread in the corresponding category. Locking this thread
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