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    Support of Traditional Chinese (zh-TW)

    Hi @MrCulé! Thanks for the fast respond! I was talking about the language support of client (Localization). Like I use the zh-TW game client, and the text in game shows Traditional Chinese instead of English. Currently the name of NPC and object like weapons, food and water is Traditional Chinese, which I think is your team's work and Thank U! My point is that some of the text in game are not showing corresponding language (zh-TW) like Quest, which still shows English and hope to add a support of zh-TW to it.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm new to this server. Sunwell seems very active and promising. A few friends and I are gonna stay here and hope to make it home. So I'm just wondering if you guys would do the zh-TW localization? If yes, it will be a very attractive point to people using Traditional Chinese!
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