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  1. No. Deal with it.
  2. Knewklear

    New player. Please don't ruin the server!

    Almost no bugs, eh? Boy, you've got a lot to experience.
  3. Knewklear

    Zeppelin in Ragefire Chasm! :D

    Welcome to Trashwell.
  4. Knewklear

    Don't release Ulduar yet

    Too late.
  5. Knewklear

    Is this server really Blizzlike?

    Short answer: no.
  6. Knewklear

    Things to do while leveling?

    If you find leveling and farming boring, do it all while listening to podcasts or interviews on youtube. It always keeps me sane.
  7. Knewklear

    Question for everyone

    Sunwell, answer us!
  8. Knewklear

    ASSHOLES List (Alliance)

    quitting this topic will look bad on you. keep this list updated. Meow is a heroics ninja looter with a shitty attitude
  9. Knewklear

    Faction Transfers?

    This is what I mean by "they have no active moderator(s)". Dudes be posting all over the place and the staff doesn't have specific people to reply with.
  10. Knewklear

    Cheaters detected

    then get evidence of him using it and report him. no evidence, no report. no evidence, no point in convo.
  11. Knewklear

    Cheaters detected

    "I'm sure there are cheaters on the server. I have no evidence but I'm just putting it out there."
  12. Knewklear

    neck tmog

  13. Knewklear

    PVP and Dueling

    Step 1: Make a PvP guild. Step 2: Get creative. Step 3: Profit.
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