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  1. Athel

    Players interested in LORE?

    Hello. I was wondering if there is anyone who'd be interested in more of lore focused that competitive experience of game. Maybe something similar what Dodgey did on Project 60, with that difference that we wouldnt focus anyone to stop on 60. There are 2 guilds on forum that look like they planned something at least similar but they both look dead. We would be a group of players (not necessarily a big group) that doesn't rush anywhere, enjoy game, enjoy lore, help each other, social guild and later form some raid and stuff if enough people would be interested. Something of hyb
  2. Athel

    Level 60 or 70 Twinks - Any Guilds?

    Hey mate! There is a twinking guild at ALLIANCE side called Valar Morghulis. They're not exactly 60/70 twinks more than 69/79 but they plan doing also Classic and BC raids. I have spoken to their GuM, he was open-minded in inviting lvl 60 for classic raids or lvl 70 for TBC raids even though the rest of the raid will be for example 79. Nonetheless, if we build up a community big enough for lvl 60/70 twinking, they will make a gap for us in their guild. My nick ingame: Athel (dreanei, shaman) heading to lvl 60 first. VM GuM : Zesu Looking forward to see you ingame bro!
  3. Athel

    Level 60 Twink

    Hello, anyone interested in lvl 60 twinking, with later progression to 70, and later to 80? (69/79 levels too .. both pvp/pve ) EDIT: For any of you interested in lvl 60 / 70 twinking, join me in guild Valar Morghulis (GuM : Zesu) - ALLIANCE SIDE! Let's make a community grow!
  4. Athel

    RP Interest

    hello! i wish RP-playstyle could be related with this:
  5. Hello fellow Angrathians! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in mentioned "progressive" raiding (gameplay). Since SW stuff promised us fully scripted pre-WotLK content, that shouldn't be a problem. It would be practically the same thing that Dodgeykebab did on Lordaeron - start levelling, make lvl 60 twink, complete Classic content (on WotLK client - gotta be more enjoyable than on Vanilla back in 2004), then move on lvl 70, do the same thing again. We could possibly join an already existing guild for twinks at Alliance side, where they'd create a gap for us. All I need to
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