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  1. darkmiao

    Raid bug

    any GM online please? Could you please check raid id 1764, after a wipe, players could not enter the raid any more. They are online waiting. Thanks for helping, look forward to your reply pb solved, thx
  2. darkmiao

    Show off your UI!

    Is this one Modui which I was playing with in Nostalrius? could you share a link plz, I can hardly tear myself away from it.
  3. 大家好, 联盟工会<Stars>欢迎各位新老玩家的加入,工会刚刚起步,争取在近期通掉10人naxx,并尽快进军25人团本。 目前工会共107名成员,其中31人满级,骑士有点超标,板甲职业较多,其他职业任选... 工会QQ群:80787260,或游戏里面搜索Stars工会,或/join China 频道,都可以联系到我们。 想参加团本,想加入工会的童鞋请在游戏中密Zippo, 想和竞技场大神切磋,请在游戏中密Ashbringerl, 想找人聊天打屁,请在游戏中密Crazyhammer, (Ps 工会正在招募管理人员,不限等级,请联系Zippo) And This is a letter for English-speaking community: Original intention of this topic is that we want to say an offical "Hi" to the community, a bunch of ppl from China who love this game, want to be a part of this game&server, settle down just
  4. darkmiao

    Help Rotation SP

    I think maybe better that you do the shadow word: pain after you get the 5-stacks' shadow weaving so that the shadow word: pain can get the 10% dmg boost for the whole time. Shadow priest is one of the best classes in this patch, have some faith in shadow priest.
  5. darkmiao

    Account banned

    Dear Gm, I was mentioned in another "Gold-buying" post but still remain banned, please check the following link: I know as a GM, you must be very busy, but could you please do me a favor and unban me, I was with Coder and nothing to do with the gold buying stuff. Looking forward to your reply, Much thanks!! Account information: Character Name: Darkmiao Punishment Reason: Gold buying Game Master: Dredd Summary: borrow money of 10 Gold and send back several hours later
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