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  1. Kuleshov

    Server state update for a newcommer

    are we playing on the same server ? there is a bunch of people currently lvling, newcommers or alts, and the rdf works fine even at low lvl
  2. http://www.modcraft.io/index.php?topic=10729.0 http://www.modcraft.io/index.php?topic=10800.0 these are the patches used by the Sunwell client, just download them and throw it to your data folder
  3. not all NPCs got the legion model with this mod, only important ones (Thrall, Sylvanas etc.)
  4. what are the new restrictions ?
  5. Kuleshov

    Please make this decision for me -_-

    I would say that if u never made a mage or a shaman it can be good choices, both are relatively easy to lvl and really fun to play, with 3 different specs priests are always welcome, I think it's one of the least played classes on the server
  6. Kuleshov

    Please make this decision for me -_-

    some additional informations about what you like and want to play would be helpful
  7. Kuleshov

    I can't link my professions in chat

    its "good" to see that Im the only one then... but sorry mate I'm playing with a windows client and I dont know if its a "non-english client problem" I always had this fr folder on all previous servers I played, never had this issue
  8. Kuleshov

    I can't link my professions in chat

    Hey again, I have the sunwell client since the beginning, I just changed the enUS file by the FR one, and I just tried to set my realmlist into warmane, logged in, didnt get that bug, I was able to link spells and professions, so without offense, I think this a problem realted to this realm, if u can do something it will be cool
  9. Kuleshov

    I can't link my professions in chat

    any more help ?
  10. when devs does nothing to help the improvment of the server, the community is whining (like on Warmane), and when they try to do soething different, fun and purely comestic, people are still crying too... tbh I will probably not take part to those events, but srsly, who cares?
  11. Kuleshov

    I can't link my professions in chat

    thx, I tried and I can link my items but not my spells...
  12. Kuleshov

    nude patch allowed?

    just why...
  13. Kuleshov

    I can't link my professions in chat

    I tried, still dont work... I have a french client tho, maybe its because of that ?
  14. Kuleshov

    Guild RPvX

    is this still a thing ?
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