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  1. Upon completion of 1D 25m OS, Una started Master looting rules. The item that I wished to roll for I did b4 the 5 second last call timer was up. Una loot it to himself then moved on to the next item. I informed him I won it by roll, and he ignored me and continued to loot. After a few more item rolls, he put the item up for roll again, and a Shaman(I'm assuming his friend rolled on it and won the roll in which i rolled on again). He then followed to kick me b4 the lost protector items and such were rolled on, and told me to stop being an ass. I don't understand how communicating that I won an item is being an ass in which case I asked why he's being a ninja and kicking me. He stuck with his guns.
  2. Domai

    Not able to finish Reconnaissance Flight

    Spam spacebar until it gives you control. if you don't, it'll fly real slow, and if it goes too far without pushing space bar it won't start to burn, which won't allow you to complete the quest when you get to the landing pad.
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