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  1. Prys

    Unable to Login

    That was exactly it, thank you for you help! I'm ready for the launch now! Cheers
  2. Prys

    Unable to Login

    Hi there, Sorry if this isn't the right channel to post in. I am unable to Login to Sunwell to create a character before the launch in a few hours. After creating an account, setting my realmlist to the correct address and using my name (not email) to login to the client I keep getting the same invalid info message. Did I perhaps miss a step? I didn't see an email about verifying anything so I am a bit lost as to how to play. I have "realmlist" WTF file, and a "realmlist.wtf" Text Document file. I am unable to change the "realmlist" WTF file as every time it asks me to
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