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  1. Lucker

    [Voltarus] Heroic T7 - Loot

    Very disappointed about this decision. This gives almost zero inventive to do heroic over split runs.
  2. Lucker

    [Voltarus] Heroic T7 Information

    Well, you can do almost all bosses either in normal or heroic, so easy bosses will also be done by more casual guilds. As these guilds get better gear, they will also be able to kill more difficult bosses, hence just have a slower progression. Thats normal wow raiding. On Angrathar/Frosthold all guilds played the buffed Naxx right, so why should it be weird that all guilds play the buffed Naxx here as well.
  3. Lucker

    [Voltarus] Heroic T7 Information

    I literally made an account on the forum, just to make a post, cause Im so disappointed with certain things. This is really a gamebreaker. The 25 man loot: The loot in 25 man should be hard to obtain, as the previous Sunwell servers had a buffed 25 man, only really good players were able to obtain it. Its kind of a badge of honor if you ran around with that loot, cause it means you were good enough to do that encounter. With this loot system and an unbuffed 25 normal compared to the heroic it hardly worth it to do HC after progression as split runs are way more efficient than doing on
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