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    [Voltarus] Heroic T7 Information

    I kinda agree with him, i'm scared that 10m HC will be too easy. We don't have the motivation or the time to join/form a 25m guild but we still want to have challenge so let's hope the buff in 10 man HC will be enough !
  2. Hello, As you can see in the title my question is rather simple. I was wondering is the PvE in WOTLK is hard when you're progressing it for the first time. I'm a mythic raider on retail that can be classified as "hardcore raider" (even though I don't really enjoy this "title") so let's say my lvl is okay, i have multiple top 100 on my achievement list. (I just play a lot this record doesn't mean anything) I've played every expansion since WOTLK but I was too young during Lich King to remember correctly if it was hard. Some of my friends and I are actually interested
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