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  1. Store will be disabled until all leveling RFs are done or something along these lines.
  2. Sadger

    [Voltarus] Heroic T7 Information

    Isn't this too trivial? Just right click as caster and the entire mechanic is completely removed? UNLESS ITS MORE THAN YOU GUYS HAVE SHOWN US ON PAPER Here are a couple of suggestion on how to maybe improve this mechanic(multiple formations can be combined of course): 1) Force both linked players to run the cauldron at same time, by making the melee player run towards the ranged camp 2) Add a separate cauldron on the opposite side of the room for melees, then both of the players have to click the cauldron to remove the debuff 3) Add a stacking debuff on BOTH players that reduces TOTAL
  3. Sadger

    [Voltarus] Heroic T7 - Loot

    Couple of suggestions on how improve the current system & features: Double Sapphiron quest item(neck) Improve the tier A so it contains more than weapons/trinkets Defeating KT HC gives 2 additional tier A items (3 in total) Defeating KT HC is the ONLY WAY to obtain the Reins of Naxxramas Gargoyle And is removed before the release of tier 8. You don't need to necessarily remove the drop of the mount, as long as you don't nerf the content (aka HC is not touched for the entire duration of the server) Do not remove the requirement of defeating ALL bosses on HC to start KT af
  4. yes, but you still need a character at 55 or above.
  5. Can't agree more with you, enjoying WOLTK content doesn't come from killing bosses without putting, literally, zero effort. This is retail values for you. I can't wait for people to subscribe to WOLTK Classic(Same case happened to Vanilla, same case will happen to TBC as well) and realize how easy the game is, even with pre-nerfed values. Is just that current rewards of heroic do not outmatch a simple 15man split. Yes, yes we know, Naxxramass/eoe have no heroic loot tables because heroic didn't exist for them, buffs lookg amazing on paper just the last is to figure out how to do the loot pro
  6. Sadger

    [Voltarus] Heroic T7 - Loot

    Changing items on its own is bad enough anyway, just Saphiron double neck + KT additional tier A item and call it. Other way is MAYBE? remove the normal op items like trinkets/weapons and you only be able to get them from heroic, but removing normal loot just fucks up even more the people that want to progress HC........ It will be a shame If after RF is achieved by one of the X racing guilds, nobody will bother doing heroic and they'll be forced to play normal because of its simplicity, speed, and quantity of loot. Also to top this off this versions of T7 raids are probably going to be
  7. Sadger

    [Voltarus] Heroic T7 - Loot

    You cannot without You'll need a custom patch if you want to add THAT MANY custom items, you can add few from what I remember, but not all, From what I remember fucking around in trinitycore(same goes for every emulator if i am correct?) you could change some items that are in the database but are not used by anything, otherwise as I said, you'll need a custom patch. And that on its own is a pain in the ass, everyone has to download that patch etc. Maybe Sapphiron dropping double EOE quest(neck) and KT an additional tier A could solve the issue.
  8. Sadger

    [Voltarus] Heroic T7 Information

    Retail enrage is 6 minutes, it has been different on almost every private server for a reason (retail one is eeeeezzzzyyy)
  9. Sadger

    Tier 7 Survey - Short Preview

    I like the new values more, but there is still one specific issue which I really hope you'll find a way to solve. But this is a 👍 for most likely one of the best tuned (and blizzlike) WOLTK servers. Patchwerk went to 33.7mln hp, still a HUGE BUFF, but a 5.5k dps check isn't much to ask from a dpser with more than 3 2 fingers.
  10. Sadger

    [Voltarus] Heroic T7 Information

    @AzathothhAre you guys planning on tuning the berserk timers, or they won't be announced if you already did? All of the calculations exclude tanks dps Just a quick example of Patchwerk retail value is 13,038,575 (25 Player), berserk timer is 6 minutes. 13,038,575 / 360 = 36,218 => divided by 19 (number of dpsers, excludes tanks) is 1906 dps needed from each dpser. A complete joke, even an arms warrior can do that (I think?) Current heroic value: Your Patchwerk 28 700 000 (25 Player HC), berserk 6 minutes. 28 700 000 / 360 = 79722 => divided by 19 (number of dpse
  11. You do normal instead, is this too hard to comprehend? Nobody and I literally mean NOBODY is forcing you to do heroic tier 7. And the point of getting MORE gear, NOT BETTER is in order to prevent splitting into 2x 15man (its faster, 2x the loot, takes no effort, takes no skill) because getting +1 item is SIMPLY NOT WORTH the effort to go trough when the content is on farm, which will most likely be either A) 1st week or B) 2nd week. Also to top this off they made made one of the worst decision regarding the stupid mount. Instead of making it hard to obtain and having some sense of an ac
  12. Sadger

    [Voltarus] Heroic T7 Information

    3 months and 1 week, you have my sincere apologies. I'll edit the previous post
  13. Is this an out-of-season April's Fool joke?
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