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  1. No, you want to play and enjoy a WotLK where everything dies when you trip over it. There is no point to the game without a challenge. Normal 25 Naxx was designed with 3.0 talents and balance in mind, not 3.3.5a. Even in 3.0 it was way undertuned to the point of being trivial. It needs a certain level of buffs to match the level of difficulty one would expect from a normal raid, especially to make the loot scale appropriately between Normal and Heroic (which is how every single loot table in the game works already, the harder the content, the better the rewards) You are not entitled
  2. Holy shit they're already reducing the game by a ton, and you people are still not satisfied. Stop asking for free shit. What's the fucking point of playing the game if you don't want to play the fucking game?? Free mount free xp free professions no walking to class trainers free teleports higher drops free reputation when does it end
  3. What is your reasoning for removing one and not the other? What about any of your reasons applies to one but not the other? That's the problem. If you take your "solution" to its logical conclusion you can excuse essentially turning on any cheats/god mode for people because people would really appreciate it and wouldn't be able to immediately get what they want without it. Why not let the riding cost of the first mount also be a real challenge?
  4. Seltos

    [Voltarus] Heroic T7 Information

    It's set to be 2.5 months, not 4. Not 5. Not 6. Not 7.
  5. Can we not start the slippery slope of just giving everyone everything for free? Really, there comes a point at which there's no reason to bother playing. Money management is part of the game, or it isn't. Everyone loves fresh servers. Oh except the leveling please give us x69 xp and instant free spells and skill ups and professions. Everyone loves wotlk. Oh except t7 and t9 please shorten those. Oh and make sure to buff t8 so it's fun. And we will quit immediately after t10 btw because we love it so much. Everyone loves pvp. Oh except give us double/triple/quadruple honor so we
  6. Seltos

    [Voltarus] Heroic T7 Information

    Yeah I edited my initial response to say "maybe something in between 213 and 226"
  7. Seltos

    [Voltarus] Heroic T7 Information

    Not a bad solution tbh. Though honestly maybe not quite 226 or people will be overgeared for Ulduar. Either more 213 variety or something in between if you can.
  8. If you could read you'd see they already said there will be more than cosmetic rewards, info to come before server launch. "waaaaah if I have to spend time to actually earn things it is a bad thing" Then I guess funservers like Whitemane are for you. And so are dictionaries, christ. Profeshens. 6 - Not in my experience. Maybe the GMs here couldn't read your illegible nonsense. 7 - My ass it does. In the few months between when I started on Frosthold and it finished progression I saw many different things fixed, not to mention brand new features implemented. Oh no, som
  9. Alright, I hope so. I think it really hinges on this.
  10. On the first page, it says "* Original difficulty versions of Naxxramas, Eye of Eternity and Obsidian Sanctum will remain accessible and intact." When you say "Original", do you mean Blizzlike or "original Sunwell values"? Because Blizzlike values for T7, even on Normal mode, is going to be way too easy. Combine that with only cosmetic rewards for the Heroic T7 and it's gonna result in no one doing Heroic mode and everyone getting bored of facerolling Normal mode. I'm not saying Normal should be super difficult but surely SOME buffs are needed, no?
  11. I mean it's kind of silly to expect people to play the same content forever. Once there's no more new content to expect, why keep gearing up or doing the same thing you already killed over and over? As long as there's no good answer to that, this will be the natural life cycle of servers.
  12. @Azathothh Could we also get some clarification about which perks specifically will be turned off until server firsts? Will alliance get the 75% reduced spell training and free dual spec on launch or will that be delayed until realm firsts?
  13. Because otherwise the server becomes 90% Horde?
  14. Except this time they explicitly said they won't be doing that. From their Discord: "Our main plan for Voltarus is to maintain it for a very long time, we do not plan of releasing another Wrath of the Lich King realm after Voltarus. Once progressed it will merge with Frosthold and we will keep improving it and offering support."
  15. This is good news, as I've played on servers without it and it was a massive problem. Will this be on release or is it still yet to be coded?
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