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  1. Other races are perfectly viable also, even for PvP.
  2. Hello everybody! I hope you're all having a good day. (Nature of this post gave me an idea of dividing it into parts for your comfort.) 1. Introductory praise ^^ (feel free to skip to 2nd chapter if you're not administration or don't appreciate their work, as you might feel tiny bit frustrated) I'm writing from a fresh forum account, but I've played on Sunwell servers for many years now. Work of this crew has been a significant part of my (and my friends) entertainment during the times of Angrathar. Every now and then I've been monitoring what's been happening with Frosthold and I've
  3. maxiping

    Any new realm soon?

    It would be very nice if the adminstration could give us information about the time a new realm will open! I'm pretty sure there is a growing number of players waiting to participate in it's opening, it's always a good deal for the server, and is there possibly a better time to open a new realm? I don't think so!
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