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  1. Nadiir


    Appeal rejected. I don't believe that your account was hacked.
  2. Nadiir

    Chorwacja banned from chat by Nadiir

    Unbanned. Keep it cool in global chat pls!
  3. Nadiir

    My problem with the Admin Rules

    From https://sunwell.pl/page/rules 3. Insulting the staff is strictly prohibited. 6. Insulting other players is prohibited. Neither is allowed. We also monitor global chat to prevent the things you’ve stated above from happening. Some insults may slip by, but overall I think we do a good job of monitoring what needs to, and allowing people to voice their opinions as well. If you have any definitive suggestions for us regarding our rules I’m happy to listen.
  4. Nadiir

    Refer a Friend Enabled

    It will be available once all realm firsts are achieved. Class, Race, and Profession. (And yes, if they are linked now, when it goes live it will work.)
  5. Nadiir

    Progeebator banned by Server

    Investigated and unbanned.
  6. Nadiir

    [Anvility] (Banned by Nadiir)

    The ban was 7 days. Thx.
  7. Nadiir

    Household banned

  8. Nadiir

    Macura Banned By Asureeuz

    @Asureuz This is on Nightbane
  9. Nadiir

    Old ban by Nadiir

    Unbanned. Next issue we run into will be a permanent ban.
  10. Nadiir

    Player Insult

    Looks fine to me. People can use emotes
  11. Nadiir

    Brixtn banned by Nadir

    I'll PM you about this. Thank you. Appeal Rejected.
  12. Nadiir

    Taladriel Banned by Pixie

    @pixie ❤️
  13. Nadiir


    This is my personal opinion and might not reflect the other members of the staff: But. Currently everyone has a fair shot at multiboxing. It's fair for everyone. If we made it illegal then people would still do it, but use a different IP and say it's their "friend". And then only some people who break the rules would be multiboxing. So I like the solution that gives a fair shot to everyone.
  14. We can't say for obvious reasons. But I can say that humans do verify that someone is botting. As far as the 7 day punishment what I can say about that is that we use the 7 day punishment for the most minimal of cases. In cases where the botting was excessive, characters owned by goldselling companies, botting which affects other players ability to play the game, we reserve the right to punish for longer. (And in most of the cases I listed, they are permanent bans.) Furthermore, the GM team has a system in place to review botters and ex-botters. I will bring up with Administration o
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