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  1. Saltyretbullx

    I'm happy!

    Less drama jst play for fun
  2. Saltyretbullx

    Long wait for 70-79 bgs: what's going on?

    We have topic about pvp realm in general,check it out
  3. Saltyretbullx

    December's < ICC 25nm > DBW NinjaLeader report

    Hopefully the staff will punish him as he deserves, althro its not jst only 1 violation,there are several ones,which you can see,for example on Screenshot N:07 Im asking him why he equipped DBW and he says that he doesn't want to give ppl a broke(not working) item which is Bulls* meanwhile the ninja(leader) forces ppl to stay in raid and then starts kicking most of the ppl which have rights to roll for DBW,including melees & RDPS and then he just logged out....... I hope he will not slip away like this.
  4. We are open for any suggestions : )
  5. Saltyretbullx


    It is working, the set bonuses does count & work,using the tmog-function removes stats individually for item only.
  6. Saltyretbullx

    Light of dawn ninjas

    Did "Lulek" got punishment for this disrespect and unnecessary ninjarolling without reason?
  7. Saltyretbullx

    WTB Enchant Weapon - Deathfrost

    Hello guys, if someone have this from SSC it's event recipe, I would like to buy x5 scrolls with Weapon vellums from Inscription. C.O.D me In-Game as much as you prefer,it's rare recipe. I am almost active every day so don't be afraid with COD-ing. In-Game nick: "Saltyretbull" Horde Side,ty.
  8. Hello guys,I would like to represent you an Idea for creating a PvP Realm for developing a better Sunwell community and also I believe that we can be a serious comptetition to other PvP - related servers for example like the good old AT. I moved to Sunwell for a Reason and I knew exactly what to expect,mostly fairplay (due to the unavailability to buy gears) or how we call it now - Pay2Win,thats something that ppl need to pay attention to and be proud of the Sunwell team for not allowing it happen. Personally I used to play @Angrathar realm,since the release,for those who doesn't kno
  9. Saltyretbullx

    December's < ICC 25nm > DBW NinjaLeader report

    Staff,we seek judgement waiting on your reply : )
  10. Hello guys,Saltyretbull from Frosthold here, I wish to report a player which ninjaed DBW infront of the Raidmates,saying that he will roll the trinket,when the Timer of the item is about to expire,but he logged out at the End. He even kicked some guys from the Raid without a reason. You all know how hard it is to find a Raid due to the lack of ppl playing RN,because of the Holidays,and when you finally find something,this is what happens. Pics with all proofs here: We would all know what happens next with this player : Sidnaghass (sidnaghass) Wish all of you happy ho
  11. Hello guys Saltyretbull here, I was playing on Angrathar and got back now @Frostmourne realm and with some twinker friends was hosting alot of TBC raids this weeks,anyways I just want your attention and report a player for ninjalooting the boss "Lady Vashj" due to the hard scripted tactics loot must be set to FFA and we left it like that for the boss fight,and we were a whole raid grp this guy Dawnix stoled the items and left the grp sharing with his "friend" the reward, do you think thats fair? I am doing this because this raid costed me alot of effort and I don't think anyone wishe
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