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  1. Givemeloot

    Guild <KernKraft> recruting (Horde)

    Hey, I am usually around 20-22 pm server time. It would be great to have you in the Guild. Unfortunately there is almost no interest to play any pvp on twink brackets (even on ally side - those people who are currently playing are just geared alts), especially now when the server population is going down. See you soon in game :), Givemeloot
  2. Givemeloot

    Guild <KernKraft> recruting (Horde)

    Hi, My name is Givemeloot, I am GM of "KernKraft". Guild is recruitng all people that are willing to play 79 lvl pvp bracket. It is no secrect that twink brakcets are currently non active, however I hope that we will manage to somehow change that. Regards, Givemeloot.
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