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  1. Since there is only ruby sanctum left to be released, should we be waiting a new realm any time soon?
  2. I used light shot thats why they are cut. And honestly does anyone think I would try to photoshop or something to edit the photos in my favor?
  3. I got the Nibelung from ICC 25 today and I was wondering if its worth equiping or not. Seems like a troll weapon but I have seen people with big dps using it. I currently use Illumination as shown on the prt screen. I play affliction lock and I am gearing up now since this was an alt who now is a main since i stopped playing my hunter. Any thoughts?
  4. what do you mean uncut? you mean that i should mention on the title uncut ss?
  5. I have been doing ICC 25 and got ninja looted of a mark of sanctification because as the Raid Leader said he would only trade it to someone with a T10 part . That is something he did not specify when the raid started and also something i hear for the first time. Even though I had the support of some of the raid members he still rerolled it and gave it elsewhere.
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