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  1. Hi, Yesterday (12/01/21) i was grouped for ICC 25 hosted by Valhalla Frat Boys' guild. The ML was Bahaal. I was DPSing with Visione. Since when we start the run and after any boss the ML took all loots because they want give it at the end. We end the run without clearing any boss on upper spire. After the RL calls "RO" they start rolling for items. When we arrive at one loot that i've rolled (Shadowvalut slayer's cloak) i won with 89. Only after a few seconds from everyone's roll (like 10sec) kurko said that i'm banlooted 'cause i've ninjapulled the boss (Festergut, alive!)
  2. Haven't a screen but we wrote both rules. U can check the log. And u can ask to all pugs in the run, no prob.
  3. Hi! I just contact in-game GM for this. We apologize for the misunderstanding of Youhateme but we set the rule before we start the event in ToC 25. We spamm "TRINK WILL BE ROLLED TOP 5 DPS THAT NEED" and "HEALER TOP 3 (SKADA RECOUNT)" for not create unfair vs disco priest. The message for healer was re-announced when Solace Drop for remeber to all raid. ALL RAID MEMBERS wrote Raid Chat that he just need to stop be kid 'cause we advice all. For make him understanding that he's confused Raid Leader answer to all member if he really warned all for top 3 heals before Fact
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