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  1. I donĀ“t thing the enha rolling as another spec is the real issue, he rolled twice and they tried to make it look as he won... Thanks Crafty for taking the time and see this topic.
  2. Your name - Kero Reported player's name - Czakal, Shapee and Offi Date - 07 oct 2020 Rule that was broken - Ninja looting Description - We were doing ToGC 10, with Devoted CZSK guild and i was invited to the run, the only expressed rules before it started was that the Edge of Agony was reserved and MS>OS. At the end of the raid we achieved the insanity and the cloak of serrated blades (arpen cloak) dropped. Here we started rolling for it, as you can see in picture 1 all of their guildies started rolling, including Maghar a DK who rolled 3 times, Czakal (Prot warrior who never told h
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