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  1. yo, wasnt it supposed to be +10% buff in icc this week?
  2. Dont look at the bad dps, clearly ele in this grp setup does 0 dmg. (not just in this setup but overall aswell, hence going enha)
  3. okay so these guys decided to team up on me, i clearly specified rolling as enha this run, considering im getting my enha spec ready and dont need no loot from togc10 as ele anymore, as these guys are quite geared and from good guild i hoped for a quick and clean run, but also considering these guys daily que for POS hc and kick out people that need their SP trinkets i wasn't surprised. I won the roll on Axe and it was given to the rogue, it doesnt go unnoticed that Size had some salty coments to go with that. Please have a look. Ty
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