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  1. Your name - Coldsnap Reported player's name - Tessic / Tessik (Proof shows he used two charcters) Date - December 5th, 2020. Rule that was broken - II Game Master and Chat Rules ss 6. Insulting Players Description - I am an openly gay man. I take SERIOUS offence to being called a f&g. Its not funny and I certainly consider it harassments. I hope you do too. Homophobia should not be tolerated. As well, I attempted to mute this person as to stop conversation. They took it upon themselves to add me on another toon just to harass me. Please stop this nonsense. Evidence - Unedited pi
  2. Good day! I'm trying to report a player but I keep getting the same above error message each time I try to upload the screen shot. I attempted to do so yesterday and the same issue occurred. I have uploaded pictures in the past without issue, so I am at a loss. Help would be appreciated!
  3. The fact that there is no requirement actually furthers my point. This means that endless lvl 70 characters can be made with 0 consequence. Why then would we not allow all accounts the same benefit? Its logistically unsound. I apologize about the misinformation but discord is but one channel that is mentioned to receive updates. Regardless of there being a source for information, if I, and many other players, could not figure this out (i.e. we obviously don't use the discord), then is still creates frustration. The website advertises plenty of news and in signing up there is no plac
  4. Hey everyone! So some quick points (excuse the short hand, on mobile); 1. Sunwell obviously didn't realize there would be confusion about the event, i.e. no one on the server seemed to know that if you had previously boosted a character on your account, you are not eligible for this boost. This frustrated many players as there was no information confirming or denying this until they updated their main page (which took a while). 2. Accounts are free. I understand the requirement is to have, already, a lvl 70 character. However, this encourages players to just separate their toons acro
  5. This isn't a criminal trial. There is no defence for bannable offences. Stop using 'provocation' to defend racism.
  6. I've raided with Glava (incidentally) several times. While I've never seen them ninja before, they take every chance to engage people in a disruptive manner (racist remarks, outright bullying, and, especially, joining groups and pulling to troll. I think Glava is toxic and, regardless of any false accusations about ninjaing, such behavior shouldn't be acceptable. If you don't want to be banned, don't say xenophobic stuff. This is certainly not the first instance I've seen this sort of thing from them.
  7. Your name - VandervanReported player's name - FinweDate - Oct 2nd, 2020Rule that was broken - NinjalootingDescription - Was invited to a group for some ICC clearing. Druid needs on the below (see pictures) cloth armor. Druid said that it technically was better then what he had. Some in group protested but most moved on.Evidence - See screen shots below. One shows the druids name clearly and the other shows the roll with him winning the item via need,
  8. Hey! Joined a group for some ICC. Druid needs on cloth roll (I'm a mage). Regardless if it is an upgrade, its not the right one. Its ninja. Please help! I want those shoulders or, at least, the druid to lose his.
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