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  1. Chryslol

    [Voltarus] Heroic T7 Information

    I just don't want people to get laughed at when they ask in raid "can we try heroic?" and not a single player in raid thinks that's worth because loot is essentially what drives people in the game
  2. Chryslol

    [Voltarus] Heroic T7 Information

    Positive: Buffs look fun and interesting so far! Negative: Reward us for doing Heroic, not by giving us more Lost Jewels please. Items that actually matter and can prepare a guild to do more difficult heroic bosses or even down the line; Ulduar.
  3. I feel releasing a Blizzlike 25 Normal Naxxramas is a bad decision IF loot stays the same. There's really no preparation needed to do Naxxramas 25 Normal and the rewards for doing it is insane when you can do it with literally blue 187 ilvl gear, it's also weird rewarding players free epics for doing bosses that are way undertuned- who learns anything from that? A feel of gear-progression is very important for the longevity of the server. Gearing Progression in Tier 7 Gearing up by doing level 80 quests / Reputation Rewards Doing RDF (Heroics) / Heroism gear / Crafted 200 ilvl gea
  4. Heroic version Naxxramas is really good, since then you can actually tune encounters to the players that wants challenging content. It's important tho that there's a reason to toggle heroic mode. Either do it with making bosses drop more 213 items or make additional 226 items into their loot-table (just like HMs in Ulduar). Make it so it's really worth since we fucking hate the split-run meta (make bosses have a chance to drop Illustration/Fury trinket or Pennant Cloak / Head from Sartharion etc or even Kiss of the Spider from Maexxna 10 (min-maxers don't care about vanity items). Putting
  5. Chryslol

    Icecrown Citadel - Launch Schedule

    Alright, here's my view on this: Option 1: Shadowmourne quest is forcing guilds to do Normal even if they don't want to (the quest is designed to be done in x amount of weeks) Killing a heroic boss doesn't feel as rewarding when you know that others will have the chance to catch up next week (you are forced to do Normal after X boss). Guilds might Skip heroic bosses because they rather run multiple and weaker 25 mans to get more loot that way (because of the point above) Even if Full Normal is released majority of guilds won't even be able to clear ICC25 Normal first we
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