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  1. Ops

    [Report- Ninjalooting] Amphere

    Sorry but i dont have done screenshots of what i said in that raid. Never happened this to me before so i didnt bother taking screenshots of that Maybe the guy up there have also the screenshots of loot rules that i've said. It will be helpful.
  2. Ops

    [Report- Ninjalooting] Amphere

    I've never heard about this rule honestly... so no, i've never mentioned this rule before start for sure. I've just said Armor Prio or Stats Prio (i dont remember) but i've never talked about class prio or weap prio for sure
  3. Ops

    [Report- Ninjalooting] Amphere

    Honestly i dont understand where is the problem. DK Blood use 2h weapon for tanking. DK can use Polearms. I've rolled for 2h weapon as always and i've won roll. That's it, somebody can explain me where is the ninjalooting?
  4. Your name - Java Reported player's name - Arelavia Date - 07/07/2020 Rule that was broken - Change loot rules after got ID Description - In Trial of Grand Crusaders 10man raid, Arelavia changed loot rules after 1st boss dead. He reserved all patterns to himself. Evidence -
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