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  1. Name: Dengica Reported player's name: Braksnu Date: 23rd November 2020 Rule that was broken: Ninjaloot - the Masterlooter gave leather dps wrists to a paladin. Description: Last night in ICC 25m raid (semi guild run) on Valihria the Dreamwalker, leather dps/healer wrists droped (Bracers of eternal dreaming). The Master looter Braksnu didn't issue a roll for it and gave the wrists to a guildie, paladin with the name Rizuke. When I asked why he did that, he just didn't answer. PROOF: https://imgur.com/dG9w7Qn https://imgur.com/hZFxCti https://imgur.com/qtzybAw
  2. "The Guardians" is a newly formed, international english-speaking guild who is currently recruiting all kinds of players - raiders, levelers or anyone who is down for good and relaxed atmopshere. Feel free to join us and establish a healthy and friendly community for all of us! For participation contact in-game player "Dengica". We're waiting for you!
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