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  1. Let's face it, this will be competition between Sunwell team and Whitemane team, they need to attract people, majority of people that plays are people nostalgic for wotlk (including me) and those people who have day jobs and can play couple of hours a day doesn't want to level up forever since they are excited to jump in wotlk content. All content before wotlk is unimportant for them and they would very much skip it as possible. And that's psychological thing, you'll attract more people with free mount on lvl 20, more drop rates or xp rates pre wotlk content, like they did with ally perks in o
  2. Hello, I think concept of Naxx 25 normal and heroic version is for experienced players to enjoy on more difficult content, I know some of ppl play this game for 10+ years so for enjoying the content they would need harder encounters, but what about 70% of player database that are not experienced? They will do normal Naxx25 and get same gear as those experienced ones in heroic difficulty. Some of you asked "Why we dont get better gear in naxx25 hc?", well, because I think it wont be fair, I'm semi-experienced player so im on both sides but more on majority of player database who wants to p
  3. Uriels

    Report Slivka

    Your name - Uriels Reported player's name - Slivka Date - 26th June 2020. Rule that was broken - Multiboxing Description - Simply said, he was running with his alt on his other account in dungeon so he could need for trinket in ToC5 normal, it happens more than several times in last three days and I was in ToC5 normal like 20 times in previous 3 days. Don't really know is it bannable but I think it should be, once I said I'll report they removed me from the group. Evidence - Screenshots
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