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  1. no one is accusing you of editing photos in your favor but it's just like basic rules for screenshots to be unedited so GM would have less time of verifying the reports. if you are using lightshot , by any chance , are you using the default key for screenshots(prtscn) ? if yes , try to check Screenshots folder that's placed inside your wow folder.
  2. Evidence has to be unedited - whether it is a video or a screenshot. it's mean you need to post the full screenshots , not the edited/cut versions
  3. did you announce both rules before starting any boss in ToC25 ? if yes , do you have screenshot ? or i guess Crafty can check the logs for that ...
  4. @yai first i m not accusing you or youngy about any ninjalooting but there was miscommunication follow the stories that has been said and the screenshots , and i said Mara had the time to leave before getting ID. you said "changed right before raid into dps spec, since youngy wanted to tank. We said we're just switching roles (not what we're rolling on) in raid chat to avoid confusion." i can see that youngy said that he's going a tank rolling for dps spec and he's rolling dps same as the RL announcement before even the encounter started but it was only message about you switching dp
  5. @Zahřívač 14:44:40 you said icehowl crash = banloot (need rules that i don't see in the previews screenshot about the chat) 14:45:03 thanks to the addon of aiyaiyai we see that snobold has spawned. so it was between those two 23 sec , is that enough time for you to start the encounter ? for me i think you started the encounter and start announcing the rules (and we only saw the rules about youngy in previews screen so that's not new) still @mywiemy i think he did announce the new rules after he started the encounter but you didn't get the ID yet (you don't get id before killing
  6. @lololol he need some more time to check logs about chats, announcement, loot ,trades ... because as you say they are "saying" someone said rolling for ench so maybe he did and you didn't pay attention ... you can see crafty was going insane in forum yesterday and he need more time for the rest of topics. (and there's already 3 appeals about the ninja looting so i think he doesn't want to rush the rest)
  7. @Czakal i think you are missing the point of this topic ... this is about maldistribution of loot (ninja looting) which was your responsibility even if you admit for "the mistake" , did you ask the player to give it back to you or to the highest roller ? In the case when item is deal out in wrong way, the person who will recive that item must to give it back to Raid Leader, and then Master Looter could dispence the item in correct way. if "no" then you have to be responsible for your mistake , "admitting" wouldn't get Kero his item back ... if you have been insulted by him after
  8. that's you are talking about called Loot Council ... no one deserve anything rather than the Highest roller in pug raid with default loot rules. The default loot rules are applied to every raid leader. If he wants to change the loot rules, he has to state the new loot rules and screenshot it. The screenshot is an evidence to be used against, if any, ninja-looting reports. it's their choice to "carry him" and they have to deal with it ... did someone force them to invite him ? for me the screenshots are clear and Czakal should be punished for maldistribution but we s
  9. @deeq well it's an open topic so people can discuss it ... my comments are most of the time in the right topic and if they are bothering you , you can ignore it ... never had forum warning about my behavior in forum and i find this helpful for my knowledge about how some rules work in this server. btw let's keep this topic (and the other one) on the right subject ...
  10. you can look around in other report topics and you would understand what i am saying. everyone can have someone to back up. i don't know where did you get that i am defending someone when i clearly said "it would be faster for you and the staff to treat this topic" i wouldn't push any further in this topic and just wait for one of the staff to treat it.
  11. @goldielocks idk why are you questioning me as i linked where i did get my comment from ... the staff always want full screenshots. if you are using lightshot then the default key for it should be Print key (PrtSc) as long you didn't change it , check the screenshot folder in your wow you should have everything in it. again it's not me who said evidence must be unedited, i just copied the message from staff own words so it would be faster for you and the staff to treat this topic. you are here reporting a ninjalooting not doing representation ,no one care if it's flooded or not
  12. @kayra still GMs need to have "proper" evidence to start checking the report . How to report a player you need unedited evidence to make a legit report.
  13. @deeq well it was world boss which mean anyone could even ninja kill it and for the "delete ninja item" that only happen for the 25 man version of the highest tier raid which was TOC at the time of this topic created.
  14. @goldielocks Evidence has to be unedited - whether it is a video or a screenshot.
  15. @deeq was the raid ToGC or ToC ? because i don't see the numbers of Tri on your screenshots and you linked the Heroic version of the item ...
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