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  1. @Brazul Needing an item on 5-Man dungeons is not considered ninjalooting, thus it won't result in expending the ninja list. you could have saved yourself in the other 2 dungeons by ignoring both players so you wouldn't match with them in the future when you use RDF.
  2. @Dufa @ScammyDonks it's doesn't matter if it's massive upgrade for someone else or it just little upgrade for anyone , this is PUG Raid and for that if you didn't specify any loot rules before starting that mean it's following the default rules of sunwell , so if someone won the roll you HAVE to give them the item as long they were eligible for it (MS>OS>Des) , if you want to give items for the ones who need it the most that's called Loot council and it's not the default rules so you have to say that before starting the raid.Even if the raid is going off you need to give him "that item"
  3. Sadly but normally staff can't treat any topic with edited evidence ... you need to have full screenshot unedited and must have the rolls and the item announcement + who received the item for report to get treated if those are missing i don't think you gonna get something out of this as they can't start checking log with just story without evidence ... Again sad about what happen to you and if there's no screenshot of the rolls they are gonna run away without punishment. Next time consider to make screenshot with every roll or at least the item that you are in real need to help you w
  4. @Chrisx as i said staff have their own opinion about if the Raid Leader "asking to reroll" is considered as trying to fix the situation or if the screenshots that provided in this topic are enough for them to check the logs. I am not saying that the Raid Leader is full clear here as i don't have the full logs to check or do anything about it and staff can check logs if they need to know the full story as @zsigma mention above , i don't know how the RL or anyone in that Raid can fix the situation if Beroo went offline after refusing the trade. Zsigma reported about Beroo but if he can cla
  5. Sadly as Kociula said , normally staff can't help when it's on Group Loot but i don't know if this count as changing loot rules mid raid as it was Master Loot then it's Group Loot because for me if this doesn't count as changing loot rules then what stop any Raid Leader from starting the game as Master Loot and change it to Group Loot when everyone get locked after one boss ?
  6. @zsigma sorry that the talk was shifted to another topic but i was just answering what chrisx asked. about your topic it's just clear here in the screenshot you provided about what happen to the item it's just for GMs to check/verify them and decide which one should be punished the RL or Beroo.
  7. the RL has no right to change any loot rules mid raid so for your case if he didn't specify anything before the raid start it's the default rules for SUNWELL, there should have been a reroll for the item as there's 2 or more people have the highest roll. next time if this happen to you make sure to have screenshot of the rolls and the announcement following this topic: How to report a player where did you get the information about "who rolled first" ? if there's tie in 5 man dung it's going to be flip coin as it's random. And you can't compare Group loot with Master lo
  8. @Chrisx In the case when item is deal out in wrong way, the person who will recive that item must to give it back to Raid Leader, and then Master Looter could dispence the item in correct way. Otherwise that person will be regarded as a ninjalooter. so if the Raid Leader gave the item by mistake after first roll he have the right to ask for item again to be distribute correctly and as it shown in the screenshot he asked for reroll. if that consider as trying to fix the problem and if he asked Beroo to give the item to correct person but he refused to trade it back, Beroo would be p
  9. yes tank should have priority for shields in the default rules but i don't see that he rolled in your screenshot that's why i asked. that need GM to check the logs or if you have any other screenshot for the "MS" roll with Eto rolling in it. i asked about the kick time because IF the RL kicked you before announcing the "MS" roll that's against the rules too. talking about this screenshot : https://sunwell-community.com/uploads/monthly_2020_11/1.jpg.e69cfbfb44955c9793818f8c9be7c3b6.jpg i can't add anything new to this topic and should just wait for staff to treat it
  10. well following your words , Spookyy won the roll for the item as for his MS (i guess) so it's for his to decide if he want to keep, trade or sell it as long his roll was eligible ... BUT if you think he wasn't eligible to roll for the item , explain why . (please don't come to me with pally don't use arp bs ...) other than that this report make no sense as he WON the roll.
  11. i mean did he announce "MS" roll twice or are you counting the bidding as the first roll ? because for me that doesn't count as a roll and i don't see other than that in the screenshots. but leaving that out as he announced "MS" roll that was showing in the screenshot ,following your words for you and Eto were tanks , why there's no screenshot of you or eto rolling ? and as i asked before, did the RL kicked you before the MS roll ?
  12. i think you didn't understand what i m talking about ... you said the raid leader announced bidding for the shield but did he give it to the highest bidder by any chance ? as from your screens i don't see that ... so that part is gonna be ignored as it was not in the default rules of the raid AS you said ... next he announced the item for rolling "MS" so any roll before that doesn't count. did he announce rolling "MS" twice ? i don't think so and i don't see that in the screen or on what you are saying at the first post. going to the next point you pointed out that it was a "shi
  13. so you are saying that you won the roll that happen when he said "bid" but you lost the rolls when he announced the Item MS ? did the winner of the roll that happen after the announcement of "MS" received his item ? if yes then in my opinion i don't see any problem with the roll as the first announcement wasn't correct so any roll with it shouldn't count but when he announce there's a MS roll for the item those rolls should count.
  14. well i just told you what i know about the rules in this server and you have to wait for one of the staff to confirm that to you , they don't interfere with group loot in pug raids or in parties ... you can check other topics in this section which they were closed with the same response from GMs ...
  15. GM can't interfere when Groop Loot is used ... Next time make sure it's on Master Loot so you can avoid this issue.
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