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  1. Aardgreep

    Transfers to MoP realm once released

    I agree. With items or achievements. I would understand if they say transfers would only happen after the first world first. Not to mess with anyones race from 1 to 90. For me it's about the items and achievments. I've seen alot of Cataclysm servers popping up. Would love to see a Cataclysm sunwell server.
  2. Aardgreep


    Hallo to all the people of the world. As you know, and if you don't know, Frosthold has the transmogrification feature available. Now, I have been playing wow on and off since 2012 only on private servers, why, because I can't afford it. To the point, I played a long time on Gamer District. Where I mained a DK and they also have transmog available. I used a working, fabulous mogit version that I picked up from a link where serveral addons was posted together. I can't find it anywhere. Showed everything from tabards to legendaries, from event rewards to creating profiles. Although, I redone my computer, lost that client. Now I got a problem. I can not for the love of earth find that mogit client. Can anyone support me with a working WoTLK Mogit version, NOT WOWCIRCLE'S ? ? version. Thank you
  3. Aardgreep

    MoP Realm when?

    I for one agree with Geronimo. Althought there are bugs. I've played on multiple WotLK servers and Frosthold is by far, by far, the best. I don't really care about the haters for the next sentence but here goes. Why not take Frosthold and continue with the progressive feel. Finish ICC, 3.3.5 this year and next year start with CATA. Even though it sounds stupid. I haven't found a server that moved from expansion to expansion. You want blizzlike. Well that can't be more blizzlike for you. Keep the toons from achievies to items. Although yes I still feel move on. Don't sit on Cata but atleast the weird jump from cata to MOP won't feel like wtf just happened. Atleast before the end of the next year. Launch MOP. Move with Frosthold throughout each expansion. I believe if you got MOP scripted, Cata is also scripted. Or am I wrong. I don't live under a rock and the hate people have for Cata is there I know. Well everyone wants blizzlike, that's blizzlike for you.
  4. Aardgreep

    Looking for addons

    I've used Quartz and has alot to offer. Check out on Curse.com but make sure you are using the right version of the game, look under timers. I've gotten tired of setting up each addon on it's own. I'm using ElvUi at the moment, still lots of setup needed but addons depends on how you want to setup your interface for your own comfort. Works best, a All in one package. Works alot beter than downloading 10 addons and editing each one individually. So try Quartz. That's my advice. And with the trigger. I used a attachment with the elvui to show triggers the same way they implemented it in MOP. https://github.com/ElvUI-WotLK/ElvUI https://github.com/ElvUI-WotLK/ElvUI_VisualProcs Other than that I'm not sure what addon to use to track procs
  5. Aardgreep

    Bought xp boost

    Good day, I was wondering about buying the exp boost. It says 12 hours or 24 hours, does that mean 12 hours of game-play time or just 12 hours in general. Thank you
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