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  1. Well maybe, but there is enough evidence that proved that 1. He does not have an enhancement spec and 2. That he rolled 3 times so if you only consider people's first roll Kero was still winning, so that is still bad loot management from raid leader and 3 guildies rolling to help each other and ninja loot. Thanks for that @Crafty, we appreciate your answer and will be patience for the response
  2. Does anyone know what self-assigning means?
  3. That's what Kero tried, I came to help after he got nothing back from you and your group... And dude, is this a joke? "I have never ninja loot anything on purpose." what is this, honestly, did you saw the screenshots? You literally gave the cloak to a resto shamman who won it on SECOND roll, he literally rolled twice and you gave it to him, and we have proofs that he then gave it to the rogue. Don't be a fool man, you commited ninja and you know it. We know it. Your officer that accepted you going to the ninja looting list know it. Cmon... I can't belive you still try to defend yourself from s
  4. Any screenshots of those "racism threats"? Cuz I never told anything racist to you, nor did you admitted your mistake. You said nothing. The rest of your guildies ignored me on chat... So yeah, post those screenshots so we can see those racists insults. Regarding me being a "worth" guild master that's not of your concern. You commited ninja loot against one of my guildies. After that you never admitted any mistake nor tried to do something about it, so even if you get in the ninja loot list, we lost, Kero won't have his cloak and you will continue doing this kind of stuff probably. Worse
  5. Hey @Tuxo, thanks for your answer. I'm glad that someone of your guild has at least a little sence of respect. I am interested in knowing how you plan to return the cloak tho, since the player alredy gemmed and enchanted it... Maybe the GM's can help us here. We accept your apology, but again, I really expect from the GM's to punish those three players.
  6. How is this even a possible defense for them? They literally ninja in terms of who was rolling, and even on the fact that they rolled twice, even three times. I don't care how much a player deserves an item, he commited ninja and that's it, period. Kero has been riding in my guild since march of this year and he's an amazing player wich will never do something like this. This is not even a thing of wether you can get banned or not for a raid wich was not 25m, is a thing of common sence and respectful behaviour. For me you are the same as they... Hope one of the GM's answers this, because I
  7. Oh and also I think it is notable to mention that on sunwell rules, default roll rules are MS > OS > Disenchant. We killed a few bosses before Yogg and we even got some items wich nobody wanted that we rolled for disenchant. As you can see in the images, we were using the addon "raid roll" to threw MS rolls and then OS rolls, so Sorandor knew that we were doing both rolls in that order. So, the argument that "there wasnt any loot rules" is completely false cuz he knew pretty well that we were using the addon and were rolling MS>OS>DE.
  8. Oh and also, he is only submitting screenshots after he got aggresive and toxic and we kicked him... He is not showing the information on when we actually tried to speak with him and let him know that it was a MS roll, not a OS....
  9. This person Sorandor is not showing all the information required to see the whole case. He had 4 t9.5 245 ilvl parts, including the shoulder he was rolling. As you can see on the Attatchement 1, Sorandor had a 245 with top tier jewelcrafting gem and enchanted. With those shoulder, he also had 3 more pieces of the 245 tier sets. As he rolled the shoulders, we realized that he was rolling for OS in the MS roll. At that point we told him with a lot of respect and good manners that he had a better item, that the roll was main spec not off spec and we told him that there were people below 4.4k
  10. Topic name: [Report] Racist and misogynist attitude player: Gamlefar and Guchi Topic content: Your name - Chayanne Reported player's name - Gamlefar and Guchi Date - 12 of april 2020 Rule that was broken - Respect and community rules Description - When helping a guildie do the Zul drak arena quest, some guys from a guild called "Promise" came and bullied us, starting the quest over interrumpting us and then when they realized that we spoke spanish, they started saying our women served only sex purposes, that we were stupids, they called us third country shit, poor and communist. It
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