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    [Report] Whitepride

    Your name - Bisquick Reported player's name - Whitepride Date - 01/04/2021 Rule that was broken - Name Description - This name is a direct reference to the neo-nazi and white-supremacist motto "White Pride" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_pride I sincerely hope this server does not condone the advocacy of white supremacy. Evidence -
  2. My brother and I both play on Sunwell Frosthold; we both live in the same house and our computers are just accross the room from each other. I can play with a perfectly fine connection, and little to no lag. However, he constantly suffers from unplayable lag spikes and latency exceeding 11,000ms for no obvious reason. Both of our computers are exactly the same except for the graphics card, and we both have a wired ethernet connection, and neither him nor I are downloading or streaming anything in the background. What is a possible explanation for this and are there any ways to fix it?
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