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  1. -Do we need to defeat every single boss in dungeon or only reach the last boss and defeat him? -What about loot from mobs and bosses, will it be same giving green/blue items and money that we can pick up, or this Slowing-Down-feature will be removed so we wont be able to loot anything and we will get additionnal money and items from mobs automaticly After we finish the whole dungeon? -Will bosses have separate statistics increase like the HC boosted raids? (e.g. all the spining bosses will get great damage increase, forcing people to Follow the proper tactic and Move Away from them; or Sva
  2. Your name - GennaReported player's name - BagginsfrodoDate - 11.04.2020Rule that was broken - NinjalootDescription - Player did not wanted to wait few minutes for "Brb doors" dps player. After some talk he said he will go afk and watch how we die while trying last boss. We defeated the boss without his help and in the end he ninjalooted ring that he already wearing (This DK is a DPS, yet he wear a Tank ring and Needed second same ring, even if its Unique Equipped)Evidence - screenshot shows Chat (need on item), his inventory (ring he do wear already) and rolled item on bottom of screen
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